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10 Apps to keep your mind healthy and fit

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10 Apps to keep your mind healthy and fit

We know that your daily routine is necessarily altered. Being at home with the fridge full by hand is an explosive combination for the body! So sedentary lifestyle cannot be an option these days. Between your teleworking commitments and the attention you have to devote to your children, do your best to include an hour (or more) of daily training in your routine. Solo or with the family the important thing is to exercise.

For this reason we have made a selection of apps for smartphones or tablets with which it is possible to practice exercises, to help you keep your mind healthy and your body in shape!

In the absence of professionals who can help us exercise our mind and body, nothing better than an app. In the app stores for Android and iOS there are several and with different purposes. Check out the app suggestions we have for today. Be strong!

List of apps for physical and mental training

# 1 – Yoga Down Dog

Due to the current outbreak, crowds are prohibited, including in yoga studios and other fitness spaces. However, it is moments like these that we live in that cause stress and anxiety. If there is no way to practice Yoga together, you can always install some apps, such as the Down Dog app. Note that the Premium version is free until June 1, try it out.

10 Apps to keep your mind healthy and fit

# 2 – 7 Minute Workout Challenge

This app promises you a healthy body in just 7 minutes of daily exercise. The challenge is not simple due to the intensity of the training, but it burns all the extra calories. Is it up to this challenge? Install the app and start training now.

# 3 – CARROT Fit

Short and complete exercises to exercise all the muscles! This app has a value of 4.99euros, although there are some promotions during these quarantine days.

# 4 – Nike Training Club

Nike is one of the main brands in the sports field, especially in terms of equipment, but it also has some interesting apps. One of these featured apps is the Nike + Run Club, which works as a running partner, offering a wide range of features and even has a trainer included.

10 Apps to keep your mind healthy and fit

# 5 – miCoach

The Adidas exercise app is completely free and was created to be a guide to running, but quickly became a pocket-sized personal trainer. The archive contains 400 activities of strength and flexibility that can be practiced anywhere.

# 6 – Runtastic Sit-Ups

One of the most sought after exercises by those who train at home is the exercises that make it possible to exercise the abdominals, but a guide is needed to know if you are working these muscles correctly. This free app counts your abs according to your movements while releasing you to focus on your posture.

# 7 – Daily Yoga

Slow down your body and mind with this easy to use and great app for beginners in the Yoga universe. With videos explaining all the positions, it is possible to repeat them to perfection.

10 Apps to keep your mind healthy and fit

# 8. Daily Cardio Workout

Do you only have 10 minutes to train? Or even just 5 minutes? With this app, the user chooses the period available and the app suggests a series of aerobic exercises (jumping, running, among other ideas) to make you sweat in those brief free minutes between an appointment and another.

# 9. Peloton

Peloton is known for its sophisticated fitness equipment, but this app offers a number of different audio and video exercises that we can perform at home. The company offers a 90-day free trial for new users.

10 Apps to keep your mind healthy and fit

# 10. Headspace

Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, so there is no better time to start than now! Headspace has made available several free meditation collections. And if you are a healthcare professional you can get a full subscription for free.

And these are some of the apps that can help you feel good! As you have seen, there are apps for physical exercise, for meditation, for fighting anxiety. Pplware thanks the iservices the suggestion of these apps for Pplware readers.


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