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5 surefire ideas to save on your telecom package

by ace
5 surefire ideas to save on your telecom package

Although there are only four operators in Portugal, the offer of telecommunications packages can be confusing for many users.

The secret is to do a good research of the offer of all operators, adapted to their real needs. But there are tricks to save and make good choices and we share some of them today.

Step 1 – When comparing you are already saving on telecommunications packages

The offer of telecommunications packages is quite varied and can be confusing for many consumers. There are 3P, 4P, 5P packages, with a series of combinations that can make the choice very expensive in terms of time.

There are free online methods that help you compare all these services and that's where you should start. So, here you can compare all telecommunications packages, from all operators, without leaving the couch. All in a matter of minutes, at ComparaJá.pt.

When comparing you are already saving on telecommunications packages

Step 2 – Do you need so many channels in your telecommunications package?

Of the 200 channels that your current TV Net Voz package has, how many actually use it? The more channels you subscribe to, of course, the more you'll pay. Therefore, if you are not a person watching a lot of TV, it is better to opt for a service with less television offer.

An important tip: when analyzing the operators' offer, be aware that they may not include – in the monthly fee – the cost of renting the box. They can also, to get you to join, include extra services like a pack of channels, which will then be included in the final invoice. Make sure they are channels that you really want and enjoy.

Step 3 – The same goes for the Internet

If you prefer to use the Internet, then it may make sense to purchase a 200 Mbps download package or, if necessary, 1 Gbps (as already found in some offers). But sometimes, you have to keep in mind that the advertised speed is not necessarily the real speed of the Internet, but potential.

Saving internet on telecommunications packages

Sometimes it can make sense to understand which router is offered by the operator and, if necessary, try to find a better one. It is a way to enhance the connection speed.

Step 4 – What if the problem is mobile data?

Operators here tend to benefit younger users, as there are many tariffs for young people aged 25 and under who offer plenty of GB of mobile data. Usually, they are tariffs that even include services like Spotify, Facebook or WhatsApp, so you don't spend anything when using them.

Step 5 – Do you still use a landline?

Now that smartphone tariffs are so cheap and even allow free calls to landlines and mobiles, it seems something from the Middle Ages to still have landlines. The truth is that this is still part of many of the telecommunications packages. However, there are already offers that allow you to dispense with the phone. Once again, it involves knowing what you want and what to choose.

image: freepik - phone

NOS also provides a feature, for those who have a landline, that allows you to use your smartphone to access it.

But there is more. In this article, you can find out about other ways to cut monthly expenses with your telecommunications services.


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