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A new Microsoft flaw now puts Windows 10 security at risk

by ace

With the May 2020 update of Windows 10 still being blocked on some machines, Microsoft has been trying hard to resolve the issues. These prevent correct installation and bring problems that have not yet been solved.

A new bug has been reported and brings serious security problems to Windows 10. We are talking about Windows Sandbox and also Windows Defender Application Guard, which now simply cannot be executed and present errors to the user.

New security issues in Windows 10

Problems with Windows 10 updates keep coming up. These are not limited to the main ones, but even those that appear on Patch Tuesday bring abnormal situations that seriously affect users and their computers.

The latest one reaches Windows 10 versions 1903, 1909 and 2004 and prevents users from using certain system security elements. Specifically, what is at stake is Windows Sandbox and Windows Defender Application Guard, which are simply not released.

Sandbox and WDAG are failing to start

When trying to use these two solutions, error messages appear that were not expected by users. Microsoft has already admitted this problem, in a document he published, and revealed that in these cases it will be necessary to restart Windows 10 later in order to overcome the problem.

The software giant has also promised to solve this problem, even though it has not presented any prediction for the solution. It is expected that it will appear in an upcoming update and that it will try to remove this flaw and bring these solutions back to users.

Windows 10 security Microsoft Sandbox fails

Microsoft has already admitted this flaw in its system

Both Windows Sandbox and Windows Defender Application Guard are designed to defend users and their security. In the first case, a virtual machine dedicated to running malicious apps is created. In the second, navigation is controlled to protect Edge and Windows 10, using parts of virtualization.

This is, unfortunately, another case of a problem with Windows security, the result of Microsoft’s failures. At stake are security solutions designed to protect users, who are thus exposed and without a point to test apps and websites they browse.


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