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Amazon: Learn how to open your orders safely at this stage

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Amazon: Learn how to open your orders safely at this stage

Bearing in mind that COVID-19 is highly contagious, from an early age people were concerned about the security of orders, since most of it comes from China. So, in order to help prevent, Amazon teaches us how to safely open our orders.

Although there is, so far, no confirmed case of infection originating from orders, the rule is that of prevention.

There is little care and the numbers show that we are facing a pandemic which we cannot in any way facilitate.

When the outbreak was still seen from afar in Portugal, we had already analyzed the issue of the safety of ordering products from China. In this sense, when questioning the readers, 38% answered that, due to the new Coronavirus, they left to order products from the Asian country.

Online ordering: Will there be danger?

If you usually place orders online, certainly in this crisis you have already questioned the possibility of the existence of the virus in boxes and / or products. Especially those who come from the most affected areas, such as China.

It is known, however, that the virus does not live outside the body for a long time, but in materials such as plastic it can survive up to 5 days and 24 hours on cardboard. As orders often take weeks to reach the customer, there will be no problem at the outset.

Amazon: Learn how to open your orders safely at this stage

In fact, no case has yet been confirmed in which the virus was transmitted through orders, but prevention is better than cure, a saying that makes so much sense at this point.

Amazon teaches how to open orders safely

So that you know how to receive and open your orders with maximum security, an Amazon executive teaches you how to do it.

According to Jay Carney, executive vice president of global corporate affairs at Amazon, purchases sent by the company typically come in two boxes: one external for shipping and one internal with the product.


Then, upon receiving your order, you must immediately open and discard the outer box. Then you should clean the inner box with a tissue and disinfectant, then wash your hands. This way, your box will be clean and you can open it without worries.

But if you want to be extra careful, you should also disinfect the product, although the time they are placed in the box is longer than shipping, and the virus almost certainly does not survive. Wash your hands immediately and enjoy your purchase.

Another tip is to leave the order in an isolated place, such as a garage, the maximum time of survival of the virus, such as a day or two. After that, you can safely open your order

Do you usually take care when you receive your orders?


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