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Amazon may acquire autonomous car startup Zoox

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Amazon may acquire autonomous car startup Zoox

Amazon is best known for its online sales and delivery service. But there are other sectors in which the American company is inserted, such as supermarkets without cashiers. But now the brand wants to invest in another field … that of autonomous cars.

According to the latest information, Amazon has already started negotiations to acquire Zoox, a smart car startup that is expected to function as robotic taxis.

The autonomous car business looks quite appealing. Several well-known brands have already surrendered and many others are beginning to show their intention to dive into this world.

Some argue that this is the only way to a future adapted to the demands and dynamics of people's daily lives.

Amazon plans to acquire autonomous car startup Zoox

According to information from the The Wall Steet Journal, Amazon is negotiating the possible purchase of the startup Zoox. This Californian automotive company is working on the development of autonomous cars that, in turn, will function as robotic taxis.

This attempt at an agreement between the two companies may take several weeks. According to The Wall Street Journal, the deal will be valuing Zoox at less than $ 3.3 billion, about € 3 billion.

Amazon may acquire autonomous car startup Zoox

However, there is also a chance that the talks will fail and there will be no negotiation between the parties.

In any case, this onslaught could then contribute to expanding Amazon's reach in terms of smart and autonomous vehicle technology.

Amazon may acquire autonomous car startup Zoox

As noted by the Reuters, it is not just now that Amazon is interested in the segment of autonomous cars. Last year, the company also invested about $ 530 million in the startup Aurora Innovation.

Reuters tried to contact Amazon and Zook for more details, but both declined to comment.


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