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Analysis: Elephone E10 smartphone, a modern design at a low cost

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Analysis: Elephone E10 smartphone, a modern design at a low cost

The demand for low-cost smartphones is high and requests for smartphone suggestions of around € 100/150 are frequently received. There are countless options in this price range and today we bring analysis one of the good examples to consider, namely the Elephone E10 that we bring today in analysis.

Get to know the Elephone E10 smartphone in detail.

General Specifications

The Elephone E10 stands out essentially for its design and 48 MP camera, however, there are other features to highlight.

Starting with the screen, it has a diagonal of 6.5 ″ with HD + resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels. This is the resolution expected on a smartphone in the price range already mentioned. In addition, this screen has relatively thin margins and features a small drop notch where the front camera is placed.

The operating system is Android 10, something that proves to be quite positive in this range. The most interesting thing is that the smartphone practically only brings Google apps essential for immediate operation, without the manufacturer's intervention in apps and design that is generally not to the users' liking. Thus, everything else is up to the user to choose.

Elephone E10 smartphone

The processor that equips it is the octa-core MediaTek MT6762D, better known as Helio A25, and the GPU is an IMG PowerVR GE8320. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

Elephone E10 cameras and other specifications

The front camera is 13 MP, with f / 2.8 aperture. The rear camera is quadruple and offers the following configuration: 48 MP, f / 1.8 (wide angle) + 13 MP (ultra wide angle) + 5 MP (macro) + 2 MP (depth). It is further aided by an LED flash.

Analysis: Elephone E10 smartphone, a modern design at a low cost

The battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh and the charger allows charging with a maximum power of 10W. Additionally, it includes USB type-C port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC, lately so sought after by the question of payments. Interestingly, being an entry-level model, it does not offer a 3.5mm audio jack, following the trend of major brands.

Speaking of audio, a loudspeaker for calls is in the usual place, above the screen, and another for loudspeaker and reproduction of multimedia content on the lower side. In addition, it includes two microphones.

It also includes a fingerprint sensor, positioned on the side of the smartphone, which also works quickly and correctly.

In the box

The Elephone E10 comes in a box with a 10W power adapter, USB / USB Type-C cable, a protective silicone cover and a screen protector film.

Elephone E10 smartphone

The Design of the Elephone E10

The Ephone from Elephone presents itself with a modern design, namely, with a screen with reduced margins, thin and with a rear camera module that refers us to the latest tops of the range, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Huawei P40.

Analysis: Elephone E10 smartphone, a modern design at a low cost

In addition to the screen glass at the front, the rest of the structure is made of plastic. The model we have in tests is blue and green in gradient, and there is also a model in black. Thus, it responds to the demand by a more exuberant and also more discreet public.

The Design of the Elephone E10

The sides are slightly curved and follow the color of the rear. On the left comes the card slot. In particular, it allows placing two nanoSIM cards and even a microSD card. Thus it is possible to expand the storage capacity without having to give up having two SIM cards, as with the vast majority of smartphones.

Continuing to look at the sides, on the right side there is the fingerprint sensor where the power button is also integrated. On that same side there is also the volume adjustment button. Below is the USB Type-C port, microphone and speaker. Finally, on top, just another microphone.

Looking at the screen area, not having the smallest margins we have seen, you get a very great harmony. Above, in addition to the camera appearing on the drop screen, there is also the loudspeaker for calls and also, almost imperceptibly, the sensors for brightness and proximity.

Analysis: Elephone E10 smartphone, a modern design at a low cost

At the rear, there is then the rectangular and slightly protruding camera module in the upper left corner. In the center comes the inscription of the brand and in the background the indication of the model.

The Screen

The Elephone E10 has a 6.5 ″ LCD screen and has a 720 x 1560 pixel HD + resolution. Within this price range, the resolution is not expected to be higher than this.

Analysis: Elephone E10 smartphone, a modern design at a low cost

In terms of the display of colors and the definition of the contents, there is no negative aspect to point out. Touch sensitivity is also adequate.

Performance of an entry-level smartphone

We are facing a low-cost smartphone that has the Android version 10 as its operating system. We must consider that this is an advantage over many of the competition. There are low-cost models now arriving on the market that are still offering Android 9.

Elephone E10 smartphone - Performance of an entry-level smartphone

Another advantage is the fact that it only brings some useful Google applications for basic use. Then, it is the user who chooses what he wants to use without having space occupied by countless useless applications.

As for performance, this corresponds to what is expected for the range. Not allowing applications to run with great fluidity that require high performance, such as some games, for example. However, it is still able to perform in an exemplary way most of the most common tasks, although it may present some delay in some moments.

Elephone E10 smartphone

In terms of benchmark tests, in Antutu, for example, it managed to reach 95917 points. It should also be noted that in tasks that use more resources, such as the benchmark test itself, the smartphone does not overheat.

It remains to be noted that the sound reproduced by the smartphone is surprisingly good for the range in which it is inserted. It has a good level of adjustment and the volume at most does not reproduce a high-pitched sound as is very common in these lower ranges, although the bass is practically absent.


The battery of the Elephone E10 is 4000 mAh and from 0% to 100% it charges in about 2 hours. In addition, in the first half hour it charges about 30% battery. Autonomy does not deviate much from what is usual. Therefore, it allows a full day of use without major restrictions and 2 days for the most restrained.


As already mentioned, the camera configuration on the rear module consists of four cameras. One of 48 MP, f / 1.8 (wide angle), another of 13 MP (ultra wide angle), the macro of 5 MP and finally the depth camera of 2 MP. It is further aided by an LED flash. The front camera is 13 MP.

Elephone E10 smartphone

With regard to the ultra wide-angle camera, the area it can capture is impressive. As it is not possible to compare the quality, it is possible to compare the coverage with the same smartphone sensor as, for example, the Huawei P40 Pro, managing to go further. The macro camera also shows impressive results.

In terms of general results, always considering the price range in which we operate, we cannot fail to be quite satisfied. In addition, with the main camera, it is possible to capture images with the 48 MP. Only in photos in darker environments you don't get such good results.

It is important to note that in this case, each of the rear cameras represents its function well, unlike many entry-level models already tested here.

Here are some examples.


In general, the evaluation for Elephone E10 is very positive. In fact, the aspect that I liked least was the construction that presents some details that reveal a careless finish, namely, in the front area where the screen glass joins the side frieze.

The performance responds to what is required in this range and the fact that it comes with Android 10 and almost no apps installed is very positive.

The photographic quality also satisfies, as well as the autonomy that, while not being extraordinary, is in line with what most smartphones are.

Elephone E10 smartphone

What should be highlighted, in conclusion, is the fact that it includes NFC, which allows, above all, to make payments safely and without having to touch payment machines, at a time when this is not recommended.

The Elephone E10 is available for around € 89 ($ 99.99) in a promotional campaign that is currently taking place, and its price without discount is around € 150 ($ 169.99). See all the Elephone product range, with great discounts until June 19th.

Pplware thanks Elephone for providing the smartphone for analysis.

Elephone E10

Elephone E10

Construction and Design



  • Overall performance
  • Android 10 and few apps installed
  • Photo quality


  • Quality of finishes


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