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Analysis Tools Up! (Xbox one)

by ace
Analysis Tools Up! (Xbox one)

Nowadays, games do not necessarily have to have a big production or a strong investment to be interesting or to be able to present enough arguments to genuinely entertain the players.

Often, and that's how some of the best games ever came up, it takes a simple and creative idea and a couple of hands to code it.

This is the case with Tools Up !, a game from All in! Games

The idea of ​​Tools Up! It's simple. The player (or players) are a team of contractors whose mission is to arrange several apartments of a building.

Each apartment has a different state of degradation which means that each apartment will have a different degree of demand and challenge.

If in the most accessible, only the walls may need to be painted, in others it may be required to plaster walls or to lay mosaics, for example.

As I said, the idea of ​​the game is extremely simple and, in fact, effective. Can be played in local cooperation, the game is a very fun way to spend a good couple of hours.

Painting, towing, laying mosaics, carpeting … all necessary tasks in the various apartments where we are passing and where cooperation (when in multiplayer) is crucial.

In each scenario, the player has with support, the House Project which is the diagram where you can see the desired result with the works and how the apartment will have to be at the end. It is also when we take the Project that we can rotate the camera and get a better perspective of what needs to be done.

This is because the work has to be done well and the final evaluation comes through a 3 star system. Although it is simple to complete each level with 2 stars, the big challenge will be to get the 3 and that… requires a lot of management and organizational skills.

Yes, in addition to an unnerving timer, the criteria for a job well done are demanding (as contractors are).

In addition to the tasks having to be completed (painted walls, arranged floors, etc.) players will have to be able to deliver the apartment in excellent condition, meaning there will be no evidence of the works. This means that any rubbish or debris will have to be removed from the interior of the house after the work is completed.

Analysis Tools Up! (Xbox one)

All of this implies a clear need for good time management, execution order and even the positioning of objects (such as the trash can). All the time counts and even the wetness of the brush on the can corresponds to important seconds that cannot be missed.

Another example: the trash can fills up and needs to be emptied when full, which takes time.

Analysis Tools Up! (Xbox one)

One of the things I appreciated most was the laying of mosaics which requires a certain amount of drying time before we can go over them again. Again this requires a tactical approach in the order and time of placing each mosaic.

And the amazing thing is that all this is done with just 2 buttons. Simple and effective.

Analysis Tools Up! (Xbox one)

In the heat of construction, particularly when we play in coop, there is a high probability of accidents, such as pulling a door. These accidents cost a few more lost seconds.

Sometimes these accidents happen because of the main problem that the game presents, the difficulty of selection. We are not always able to perform the desired actions and the game eventually chooses another action in the immediate vicinity.

Nothing, however, would overshadow the value of the game, which is, as I said, quite simple and affordable. It is one of those gaming cases suitable for all family members, regardless of age.

Analysis Tools Up! (Xbox one)


A simple and fun team-oriented game makes Tools Up! be a suitable title for family play. A game where elements of various ages can and can enjoy in a simple and effective way.

Tools Up!


  • Local coop
  • Fun gameplay
  • Demanding for perfectionists


  • There could be more levels
  • Sound effects

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