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Android 11: Smartphones will be controlled with a simple touch on the rear

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Android 11: Smartphones will be controlled with a simple touch on the rear

The new Android 11 is already ready to be tested and that's why Google tried to launch it. In the coming months, this new system will be tested, evaluated and, mainly, discovered to its full potential.

With less than a week of testing, some very interesting features are beginning to emerge. The most recent one realizes that smartphones will be controlled with a simple double tap on the rear.

Important new gestures in Android 11

We are still far from knowing everything that Google has put back on Android 11. There are many features that are available, but still to be discovered. The most relevant ones were immediately identified and are already well known.

There are, however, small details that will make all the difference in Android 11 and that are an asset. Google has elevated some of the existing functions and improved them to give the user even more.

One touch on the rear controls the smartphone

The field of gestures, the new way of controlling this system, received a novelty. In this new system, there is a possibility to double-tap the back of the smartphone and generate action. These can be defined and parameterized, as expected.

The biggest curiosity in this novelty is that it does not require any additional hardware. Only using the gyroscope and the accelerometer is it possible to detect this new gesture and apply it on Android 11. This is a great advantage, since it can be applied to any smartphone currently on the market.

Google has many more to show

When it comes to functionality, this new gesture can be used to reject a call, turn off the alarm clock, call the Google assistant or control the multimedia. It will also be possible to define specific actions and according to what the user wants.

Google and Android 11 thus take an important step towards making this system even simpler and more intuitive to use. Many more news will emerge soon and show everything that we will have access to.


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