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Apple and Google reveal how Exposure Notification apps work …

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Apple and Google reveal how Exposure Notification apps work ...

In spite of the fact that containment measures have been lightened in several of the most heavily affected countries, the numbers do not lie. According to the information available at this time, about 250 thousand people have already died, victims of Covid-19. The population will effectively have to watch and be watched and applications are already being developed.

To that end, Apple and Google are today providing public health authorities around the world with new resources to help them create COVID-19 exposure notification applications, including sample user interfaces and sample code for iOS and Android. Let's see what the interfaces will look like.

Apple and Google applications to control exposure to COVID-19

Apple has already advanced with the API coming out in iOS 13.5 version. So, as we have shown, just go to Settings> Privacy> Health and, inside, you have the option COVID-19 Exposure Notifications (COVID-19 Exposure Notifications).

IOS image with option to register COVID-19 contacts

IOS image with option to register contacts of the new coronavirus

Therefore, from here, what is missing is the launch, by the public health authorities of the countries that adhere to this technology, to launch their applications.

COVID-19 exhibition notification app on iOS

As we can see in the examples of interfaces provided, the information that will result will be no more than indicating the number of times that a user's exposure record was verified in the last 14 days.

Apple and Google reveal how Exposure Notification apps work ...

If a user is potentially exposed to COVID-19, he will receive a push notification from the public health authority's application.

COVID-19: What can and cannot be collected by apps

According to what was reported, these are the premises that the application will have to follow. After a case is detected and referenced by this app, this will be the information that a user will communicate in a positive COVID-19 diagnosis:

Apple and Google reveal how Exposure Notification apps work ...

Apple and Google also today shared a list of requirements that all app developers using their Exposure Notification API must meet:

  • Applications must be created by or for a government public health authority and can only be used for COVID-19 response efforts.
  • These apps must require users' consent before the application can use the API.
  • Applications must require users' consent before sharing a positive test result with the public health authority.
  • Applications should only collect the minimum amount of data needed and can only use this data for COVID-19 response efforts. All other uses of user data, including targeted advertising, are not permitted.
  • Applications are prohibited from asking for authorization to access Location Services.
  • The use of the API will be limited to one application per country to promote high adoption by users and avoid fragmentation. If a country has opted for a regional or state approach, Apple and Google are prepared to support these authorities.

Apple and Google reveal how Exposure Notification apps work ...

As reported, Apple and Google said that their API is just one component of the broader efforts that public health officials are making worldwide to help stop the pandemic, including testing, traditional contact tracking and containment.

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