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Apple buys company with technology to enhance iPhone photos

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Apple compra empresa com tecnologia para melhorar as fotos do iPhone

It's normal to see giant companies like Apple acquiring startups to help them develop their products. This was now the case with Spectral Edge, a UK company that has technology that will enhance iPhone photos.

According to documents now released, Apple acquired the startup for an unknown value. You will now use the technology it was developing to improve photographic results on your iPhone.

Smartphone photography is increasingly becoming an extremely important element for users. In an age of social networking, content production and sharing, the tools we use in this regard must have the best quality and functionality possible.

Huawei, a few years ago, was innovative in democratizing the use of Artificial Intelligence in the camera of their smartphones. The handling of the software is essential – look at the example of Google Pixel – and AI is a step forward in that direction!

Apple buys company with technology to enhance iPhone photos

Nowadays such is present in almost all manufacturers, but Apple continues to invest in improving the photos of the iPhone. Tim Cook's company bought Spectral Edge, a UK startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence technologies in photography.

More specifically, the company has a tool that uses Machine Learning and provides sharper and more accurate color contrast.

The documents proving the purchase were made public yesterday, and the price paid by Apple for this investment was not disclosed. Spectral Edge is now led by Peter Denwood, who is Apple's lawyer. Thus, the British company will make available its technology that will surely be used in the iPhone.

Apple buys company with technology to enhance iPhone photos

Questioned by international press about more contours about this business, Tim Cook's company did not respond.

Undoubtedly the developments made by Spectral Edge will be of utmost importance in future generations of the iPhone. At the moment, Apple smartphones are already using Artificial Intelligence when taking photos… Notwithstanding this reality, the British startup's Machine Learning tool should take that ability to a new level!

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