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Apple Glasses: details of Apple's augmented reality glasses revealed

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Apple Glasses: details of Apple's augmented reality glasses revealed

Apple has been betting on Augmented Reality on its devices, especially on the iPhone and iPad. However, for some time now, rumors realized that the company was producing glasses dedicated to this three-dimensional technology. Now, it seems, the new device is called Apple Glasses and comes with a handful of new features.

The first details of the technological glasses of the Cupertino company bring a glimpse of the segment that will be the bet in the coming years.

Apple Glasses for Augmented Reality

The so-called Apple Glasses or augmented reality glasses from Apple are close to reality and the hands of users, or ears and eyes, more specifically! After what was revealed by the prolific youtuber Jon Prosser, about what the company was preparing to launch in late 2021 (early 2022), additional details have now been provided.

According to him, the model has already been shown to him (the final product or schemes) and is “extremely elegant”, he says. Although this "leaker" has a lot of "right" information, it is surprising how he would have had access to a device that should still be kept secret from the gods, given the distance of its likely launch.

According to what is now revealed, These glasses will be baptized as Apple Glasses and may be presented later this year or at the beginning of the next, although it is too early to establish a specific height.

Apple Glasses: details of Apple's augmented reality glasses revealed

Apple Glasses: details of Apple's augmented reality glasses revealed

A technological extension of the iPad Pro 2020 and iPhone 12 Pro

Well, but the youtuber goes further and, even in a provocative way, offers some details of how they will work, ensuring that all data processing presented in the glasses will be done on the iPhone.

In addition, the new device will have an integrated LiDAR sensor, in the same way as the next iPhone 12 Pro, but will not have built-in cameras. In terms of energy, they can be charged via a dedicated base, using wireless charging.

Apple Glasses: details of Apple's augmented reality glasses revealed

In its lenses, which can be prescription lenses, Apple will integrate screens that will allow you to interact with the software through gestures. If we look at the previous rumors, we will see that this “escape” coincides with previous information advanced by Bloomberg.

According to what was advanced, Apple was thinking of creating an application store dedicated to glasses. Thus, this would be another channel for promoting apps and would lead to increase its ecosystem, which would also benefit programmers.

In addition, these “smart” glasses could have access and show notifications, emails, games and information, such as the weather forecast.

As for the price, the leaker advanced with a price of 499 dollars, something that in Portugal may have a price of around 600 euros.

Apple Glasses concept image

Apple Glasses: new dawn in the world of technology

The augmented reality glasses are seen by the company as the opportunity to lead a new product segment in which no technology has been successful so far. However, the focus is always to catapult the use of the iPhone, even if one day, ahead, the company may "turn off" the dependence of the iPhone on the gadgets, however launched, such as the Apple Watch, or Apple Glasses.

However… this will not be the only news that Apple is preparing for next year!

Other rumors refer that there is evidence that the Cupertino company is also preparing a new Apple Watch with several new features related to health and well-being. In addition to this novelty, Apple may launch what will be the first Mac with proprietary processors, which may appear by the end of the year. The transition to ARM technology is one of Apple's goals and everything seems to indicate that it will happen sooner or later.

Later, there will be a change in the design of the iPhone. A bigger bet will be made than the one made last year, with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. 5G connectivity and a rear camera with 3D processing will appear.


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