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Apple invests 10 million dollars in a manufacturer of analytical kits …

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Apple invests 10 million dollars in a manufacturer of analytical kits ...

Companies and society in general are eager to return to the new normality and only by testing people will it be achieved. Accordingly, Apple today announced that it has invested $ 10 million in COPAN Diagnostics. At issue is the production of collection kits for samples of the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. This investment will help the company increase production levels to more than one million kits per week.

Society needs to return to a “possible normality” and the tests can, at this point, bring that normality.

COVID-19: Apple helps promote the “normalized” life solution for now

According is being referred to, the Cupertino company turned to its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, a fund for the company to use in several more delicate scenarios. This fund has been used in the past to invest in companies directly related to its supply chain, such as Corning Glass, or Finisar – the laser manufacturer VCSEL whose components are part of the Face ID TrueDepth camera system.

According to Apple, this investment is just one of several actions that Apple is taking to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The $ 10 million investment in COPAN brings together tens of millions of dollars in other donations to causes like the American Food Fund. In addition, Apple has also donated 20 million N95 masks and is designing and shipping facial shields at a rate of around one million a week.

New coronavirus diagnostic tool used millions of times

As we mentioned last month, the company also launched a COVID-19 questionnaire and a website to help the public assess their symptoms. In the last quarterly results call, Tim Cook said the tool had been used more than 3 million times.

Now, Apple and Google have partnered to develop a disease exposure notification API. This tool will use the short-range Bluetooth features of smartphones to support the location of regional contacts.

IOS image with option to register Apple COVID-19 contacts

IOS image with option to register contacts of the new coronavirus

Although there are rules for which apps to use, the API can notify people who have been in the vicinity of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Thus, this type of technology will benefit anonymity and privacy. The API is currently operational on the iOS 13.5 developer beta and will be released later in May.

The use of the API will be strictly controlled by Apple, which will only approve its use for applications provided by government institutions. Thus, Apple and Google have committed to integrate some of the exposure notification features directly into their respective operating systems, eliminating the need to download an additional application.

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