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Apple: iOS 14 brings signs of Augmented Reality for app notifications …

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Apple: iOS 14 brings signs of Augmented Reality for app notifications ...

Apple made known in the new iPad Pro Augmented Reality features that will enhance several of the company's native services. As such, hardware was even developed to enhance this technology. Therefore, it is expected that the operating systems themselves will begin to be adapted and updated to this new functionality. In this sense, 14 signs of Augmented Reality were found on iOS for notifications from the Find service.

Possibly the new iPhone 12 will also have a LiDAR scanner for Augmented Reality.

Apple Extends Use of Augmented Reality on iOS 14

The Find application from Apple will receive new useful features on iOS 14. As it was possible to see in code fragments of the operating system, this will include the augmented reality mode and new location notifications. The features described are based on an initial version of iOS 14, which was made available to a Publication.

As we know, the Find system allows placing on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and Mac computers the ability to locate through the independent Find app. This tool allows you to locate these devices and perform some actions, such as, for example, sending a message to the devices' screen (the supported ones), playing a sound, marking as lost and receiving location information when found, blocking and even deleting the device.

In addition to these actions, since iOS 13, Apple has also merged in this app Find Friends, called People. As such, the system, which even works on iCloud via the Web (which can be used on an Android) allows you to share places with family and friends. All in the same app.

Find will have alerts for those who do not arrive at the place and at the scheduled time

IOS 14 will include a new notification feature for the location sharing part of Find. Thus, specifically, the updated app will include a new option to receive an alert when someone does not arrive at a specific location at a scheduled time of the day.

Finding already includes the ability to receive alerts when someone arrives at a location like school or work. The new option to receive alerts when someone does not arrive at a location in time will result in fewer notifications for parents accompanying children arriving at school or for work environments, for people who use this option.

This was just another feature found. There are several that Apple will include, as we have already noticed, for example, news for Messages, alert feature for low blood oxygen, news for Homekit, etc …


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