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Apple may be working on Macs equipped with AMD processors

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AMD has done an admirable job with its Ryzen processors. Taco by taco, the company has been competing very closely with Intel. In that sense, Apple may be testing Macs with AMD processors.

References to the Santa Clara company's CPUs have been found in macOS versions since the release of version 10.15.2 beta.

Can Apple adopt AMD and quit Intel?

AMD has made great strides both in the consumer segment and in the HEDT (high-end desktop) CPU segment. As a result, the market has seen a strong attack by AMD on Intel. In fact, the Advanced Micro Devices begin to captivate both by performance and price.

Therefore, it appears that Apple is interested in testing new Ryzen processors on Macs.

Apple Mac Pro image with Intel

Apple AMD Inside

References to AMD processors were found in the macOS 10.15.4 beta, which was released a few days ago. Given that all iMacs, Mac Minis, iMac Pros or MacBooks use exclusively Intel processors, it is particularly interesting to find references to AMD CPUs in the MacOS code base.

Apple macOS beta image with references to AMD processors

Evidence of this possible testing was found in the code. The Twitter account @_rogame exposed the references found, such as, for example, Navi, Picasso, Raven, Renoir and Van Gogh, all of these names are APUs (Accelerated Processing Unit) from AMD.

APU is a marketing name given by AMD to its CPUs that have integrated GPUs.

MacOS 10.15.4 Beta 1

VANGOGH_A0 😳 pic.twitter.com/qFBHg5L0q0

– _rogame (@_rogame) February 6, 2020

Apple may launch a gaming machine

A rumor has been going on for a few months now that it was taking Apple forays into the gaming world with a dedicated computer. According to Taiwan's Economic Daily News, the Cupertino giant would be close to unveiling a high-quality gaming Mac during WWDC 2020.

However, none of the notable analysts have reported such a possibility, so the chances of this appearing to be very slim. In addition to all this, it is known that Apple has had a close relationship, for many years, with the company that makes Ryzen Threadripper. There may be news soon.


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