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Apple may be working on the new AirPod Pro Lite

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In addition to the iPhones in the 2020 portfolio, Apple may also be preparing new products in the audio range. In this sense, in addition to the more accessible HomePod rumor, the company will be preparing the production of the AirPod Pro Lite. According to DigiTimes, the Cupertino giant will be in negotiations with a Taiwanese company to manufacture cheaper AirPods Pro.

The novelties are not limited to AirPods, as the new iPads, Apple Watch Series 6 and an iMac may also be in the pipeline. The coronavirus appears to be delaying plans.

2020 will bring new Apple products from the Music line

AirPods are one of the top selling products in Apple's bottom line. Of the various offers available, the company has AirPods Pro at € 279.00, second generation AirPods at € 229.00 and first generation AirPods at € 179.00. However, the company's star has been the latest to bring active noise cancellation.

As such, the voices say that Apple is working with its suppliers in Taiwan to manufacture several future products. Thus, the list states that the new “AirPod Pro Lite”, new iPad models, the new Apple Watch and a next generation iMac will be in the pipeline.

In terms of timing, nothing has been advanced yet, but there are dates that are fixed, so many of these news will come out before September and, in the traditional event after the summer, we will have news from the iPhone 2020 and the new Apple Watch.

Image HomePod and AirPods Pro

AirPod Pro Lite fits in which segment of AirPods?

It is unclear exactly what DigiTimes refers to by “AirPod Pro Lite”. In fact and looking at the market and products, Apple launched the AirPods Pro in October last year. However, the company had launched in March 2019 the second generation, and if we look at the prices left above, the difference is 50 euros.

So, here to make room for a “lite” or one of the first generation AirPods disappears, or receives, a considerable price drop.


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