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Apple may launch iPhone 12 4G with LCD screen from $549

by ace
Apple may launch iPhone 12 4G with LCD screen from $549

It will be for the month of September that Apple will once again put its new smartphones on the market. 2020 will finally be the year of 5G, but it seems that the brand will also be preparing 4G versions to meet the needs of more users.

But this is not in itself a novelty, considering that it is relatively common for brands to be releasing both versions. The novelty is that this 4G model can be presented with an LCD screen and can be sold from $ 549.

iPhone 12 could arrive with 4G version and amazing price

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple is now preparing to bring the new line of smartphones to market. The iPhone 12 will debut on 5G, this being one of the great novelties reserved for this year.

However, there is now information that the brand should also be preparing only 4G versions to achieve a greater market share, as 5G is not yet a standard accessible to all countries.

Thus, more specifically, two 4G models should be coming to market.

A recent posting on Twitter, reveals that there is a high probability of these two models being launched. In addition, it advances with prices that are not at all typical for Apple models.

my first iphone rumor is the 4g version of the 12 and 12 max
iphone 12(4g) if it happens will be 549$
4g 12 max will be 649$ and there 5g prices are 649 and 749 just like jon prosser said.

— Omega LEAKS and RUMORS (@omegaleaks) June 25, 2020

In this publication it is advanced that there will be two models LTE, an iPhone 12 4G and an iPhone 12 Max 4G. The most affordable model will be priced at $549 and max will cost another $100. In addition, these models, according to jun Zhang analyze will have LCD screens, instead of the OLED expected for the more expensive versions.

It is clear, that luxury models will be the highlight in the announcement of the new iPhones in September. The iPhone 12 line up will come with 5G connectivity, enhanced performance, better cameras, sensors and a new LiDAR scanner for AR purposes.


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