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Apple Pay reaches FNAC customers. Pay without touching the terminal

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Apple Pay reaches FNAC customers. Pay without touching the terminal

Apple has a strong presence in the payment services used around the globe. The Apple Pay and Apple Card services have brought ease of payment, as well as security. Several companies and banking institutions are adopting these technologies, as we have followed. Thus, FNAC uses these technologies to reinforce the security of its customers.

As of today, the company offers a new payment method in its physical stores, Apple Pay. The system is distinguished by the convenience it offers, since it is no longer necessary to carry cash or cards when shopping.

FNAC adds Apple Pay for payments

Companies are adopting more and better ways to facilitate their purchase and payment. As it was made known, with Apple Pay, FNAC customers have access to an innovative, simple and fast payment method, which presents itself as a secure solution in the current context, given that it privileges contactless payments through iPhone or Apple Watch.

Thus, the customer can buy and, at the time of payment, no contact with payment terminals in physical stores is dispensed, namely to enter the secret PIN code, regardless of the amount and number of purchases.

Image payment at FNAC with Apple Watch and Apple Pay

According to those responsible for the company, “the safety of customers and employees is the top priority at this time. Therefore, they reinforced the secure payment methods by contact. With Apple Pay, cardholders FNAC Credit Card they can pay for their purchases with the simple gesture of bringing their Apple device to the automatic payment terminal (TPA) ”.

Easy to set up and easy to use

Apple Pay is easy to set up, just open the Wallet app, select the FNAC Credit Card and confirm the terms and conditions. FNAC Members will continue to receive all rewards and benefits offered by the FNAC Credit Card.

Security and privacy are the essence of Apple Pay. The card numbers associated with the payment are not stored either on the device or on Apple servers. Instead, a single device account number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the secure element of the device. Each transaction is authorized with a dynamic and unique security code.

With iPhone and Apple Watch, customers can pay in stores, restaurants and many other locations. Each Apple Pay purchase is authenticated at a glance with the Face ID, with a touch with the Touch ID or with the device password.

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