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Apple updated Siri to also help in the fight against COVID-19

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Apple updated Siri to also help in the fight against COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading frighteningly, the whole world of technology is creating ways to help its users to be protected and to detect this disease prematurely.

The measures implemented are already many and Apple has now taken a new step. Updated its virtual assistant, Siri, to help users and thus be a useful tool in tracking COVID-19.

Siri in the fight against COVID-19

More and more smartphone users are using the virtual assistants to help them. It may only be small questions, but the information given is a lot and quite relevant. So, it is natural that they can help at times like the ones we are going through.

Apple, which is committed to helping in the fight against COVID-19, decided to put Siri even more at the service of its users. This is one of the most used and, therefore, can play an important role in the fight against this disease.

An aid in the fight against this disease

In particular, Apple decided to update Siri and give it the ability to help diagnose the disease. Users will now be able to support the identification of already known symptoms that may reveal the presence of this virus.

Siri COVID-19 Apple coronavirus disease

When asked by the user about COVID-19 or coronavirus, Siri is ready to help. It will ask some questions and based on the information given, it will be able to indicate to the user that it should or not to make the screening test, or to call for medical assistance.

Apple has other measures against the coronavirus

In addition to this change from Siri, Apple is also giving priority to telemedicine apps on the App Store, when the research is on COVID-19 or coronavirus. It has also been giving priority to videos from trusted sources both on iTunes, Apple Music, App Store and Apple's website.

These may seem like limited measures, but they certainly help in tracking the COVID-19 in advance. On the other hand, they also help to relieve hospitals and health facilities. For now it is limited to the USA, but could soon be extended to all countries.


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