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Apple updates firmware of AirPods Pro to 2D27 version

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Apple updates firmware of AirPods Pro to 2D27 version

Apple has bet on introducing a wide range of new features on the operating systems of all its devices. In addition, the company made a point of including new features in another product range, such as sound devices. Thus, after an invitation to users to test a novelty on HomePod, now appeared an update on the firmware of airpods Pro. Will the announced news arrive?

This update has no report to follow, so we can only make a prediction that the new software will correct some noises and add the novelty shown in WWDC 2020.

AirPods Pro firmware update

Apple at WWDC, as we showed here, presented many news and did not leave out the AirPods. In addition to promising a fast connection between devices, such as Automatic Switching, the company has brought unique features in this range. Spacial Audio will take the use of AirPods Pro to another level.

As presented, this technology will work with headphone sensors such as the accelerometer and gyroscope to create an immersive surround sound experience. An algorithm has been developed that allows only with two headphones to create a fixed sound stage.

The question is whether this update will bring this novelty now. Of course, for this is not enough to have the firmware update, it has to appear in iOS 14 and other operating systems, support.

Image of the new technology of The AirPods Pro

Update brings correction of annoying clicks on AirPods Pro?

Even if Spacial Audio or Automatic Switching don’t appear, the company is indebted to users. That is, in the last software update of these headphones, complaints arose that the active noise cancellation it had some noises, a bothersome click.

This crackle, it seems, was solved with the 2D27 version.

How can we update them?

The firmware update will be installed automatically when you connect your AirPods Pro to your iPhone or iPad. However, it may take some time before it is available to everyone. To check the firmware of your AirPods Pro, follow these steps:

Connect the headphones to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Then go to Settings > General > Information. Now scroll down to the AirPods Pro option (in my case says AirPods Pro de Vitor).

The firmware number is listed under “Firmware version”. As you can see, in our case it has already been updated from 2D15 to 2D27.

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