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Apple Watch: watchOS 7 could detect users' panic attacks

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Apple Watch: watchOS 7 could detect users' panic attacks

The line of development of novelties for the Apple Watch and for its operating system is notorious. WatchOS takes advantage of technologies in the smartwatch to dedicate functionality to the health and well-being of the user. In this sense, after several hypothetical news in these categories, the rumor arises that Apple is supposed to develop new mental health characteristics for the Apple Watch line.

This new feature will allow the Apple Watch user to detect panic attacks. These and other new features will be available in late summer with the launch of “watchOS 7”.

Apple Watch will use new watchOS 7 to detect panic states

According to some rumors, Apple will be working on a new hardware and software feature for the Apple Watch. According to the aforementioned, this feature identifies when the user of the Apple smartwatch is having panic attacks.

The system will use a new blood oxygen sensor (oximeter) combined with specialized software. This technology will allow to detect when a user is hyperventilating.

Hyperventilation, high heart rate and shortness of breath are symptoms of panic attacks that can be quantified by these machines. Through the new module, the oximeter, it will be possible to analyze oxygen levels in the blood and add more information that is already possible to capture, such as heart rate.

After these data are detected by the Apple Watch, the relaxation suggestion system will be triggered, through breathing exercises.

Apple Watch: watchOS 7 could detect users' panic attacks

Apple Watch could measure blood oxygen levels before

Apple will be presenting the news for its operating systems in a few weeks, at WWDC 2020. So, at that time, we will understand how everything will come together.

Rumors say that this could be another asset for the most representative device in the segment of smartwatches. However, Apple likes to save certain features for the presentation day, which will only happen in the fall.

Heart rate sensor technology plethysmographies the Apple Watch, which debuted with the first Watch model in 2015, is technically capable of measuring blood oxygen levels. The reason why the company did not choose to take advantage of this capability is not known, but the decision may be related to the accuracy of the system or regulatory approval.

The assertions that are now airing expand on what was announced last March. Thus, with the registration of the oximeter patent and the possibility of it coming to incorporate the smartwatch, it now has a very significant usefulness in this functionality.

Therefore, the next Watch Series 7 may bring many new features, both in terms of hardware and software. The focus is very much on health.

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