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BMW is developing an electric M5 to compete with Tesla

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BMW is developing an electric M5 to compete with Tesla

According to the latest information, BMW is working on the all-electric version of its M5. It is thus expected that it will be a competitor to match the offer that already exists in this segment, namely Tesla's Model S.

Tesla launched the challenge to virtually every car company with its electric vehicles. And now the brands have done the possible and impossible to bring vehicles capable of facing the rival of Elon Musk to the automotive market.

With the market having more and more electric cars, car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to find ecological solutions and alternatives for their models. As a result, there is an increasing tendency to leave combustion engines behind.

BMW is expected to launch the all-electric M5 in 2024

The German BMW is working on the fully electric M5 model. The vehicle will be a powerful 1,006 horsepower machine, which will put it in a favorable position to compete directly with the Tesla Model S.

According to information advanced by the English site CAR Magazine, the BMW M5 is expected to arrive in 2024 and will not only have features to compete with Tesla vehicles but with any other brand with high-performance electric models.

BMW is developing an electric M5 to compete with Tesla

Current BMW M5 – Competition

The M5 should have a configuration of 3 motors, two of them with 250 kW at the rear and the other at the front also with 250 kW, making a total of 750 kW of electric energy. In short, it will have 1,006 horsepower and should be able to go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds!

This is an admirable increase in characteristics, since the current BMW M5 has about 600 horsepower and a 4.9L V8 engine.

Electric M5 will be able to do 700 km on one charge

As for the batteries, they should not be cylindrical in shape like Tesla's, but in the form of a bag and an estimated range of 700 km. In concrete terms, the electric M5 can almost cover the entire National Road 2 (~ 739 km) on a single charge.

BMW is developing an electric M5 to compete with Tesla

The M5 will bring a 135 kW battery capable of charging at 350 kW. Tesla models can charge up to 250 kW from a charger.

A potential competitor for Tesla

As already mentioned, with these characteristics the BMW M5 can be qualified as a competitor equal to Tesla. However, since the car is only scheduled for 4 years from now, the Elon Musk brand may still bring some news.

Anyway, we are waiting for more news of this BMW electric, which will certainly be another important contribution to a greener world.


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