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Boring Company: Elon Musk Loop transport system should be ready in …

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Boring Company: Elon Musk Loop transport system should be ready in ...

Elon Musk's Boring Company is committed to creating a completely revolutionary underground transportation system. In order to escape the traffic of Las Vegas, the cars will enter a tunnel that takes them from one point to another in the city much faster.

For now, the first Loop to be opened, should be that of the Las Vegas Convention Center whose tunnel has already been completed.

Las Vegas Convention Center to be the first to receive the Loop

The Boring Company completed the construction of a tunnel at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a view to implementing the Loop transport system as early as 2021. Nicknamed the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop – LVCC Loop -, will provide a fast and convenient transportation system for the participants of conventions and fairs that take place in that space.

It is a 1-mile (1.61 km) course that can cost up to $ 52.5 million. If all goes as expected, it should be completed in 2021.

Representative Tunnel Map for the LVCC Loop

The project aims to transport, through Tesla cars, more than 4000 people per hour inside the Congress Center. Thus, a 15-minute walk will take just 2 minutes.

For the future, there should be a connection from the Loop to the Strip, MacCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas stadium. But there is still no announcement of when the work will begin.

Thinking about CES 2021

At the moment, there are two complete tunnels (the first one was completed in February). Now, the Boring Company will start working at the stations at the beginning and end of the route and at a third stop in the middle of the route that will connect the Loop to the metro station.

CES 2020

The goal, if the pandemic allows it, is for the transport system to be ready in time for the CES 2021 – Consumer Eletronics Show. Thus, the circulation of the hundreds of people who will pass through will be improved and minimizing the usual physical wear and tear of this type of events.


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