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Bose Frames – The Sunglasses That Give You Music

by ace

The winter sun has provided us with fantastic days that strongly invite for walks. Sunglasses are certainly the accessory behind you, and in this age of technology of course, the smartphone for good photos and earbuds for listening to music abound.

So what if the sunglasses themselves give you music? This is Bose's proposal, with the Bose Frames, which we have already had the opportunity to test. Learn more about this fashion and technology piece.

Bose Frames – The Sunglasses That Give Music


Bose Frames sunglasses come in a very traditional design. The frame exists available in two models more rounded, others more square. What essentially changes are the rods that provide all the technology necessary for sound reproduction.

The models in question are the Alto and Rondo. The square-framed Alto is similar to Ray-Ban's Wayfarer glasses, while the Rondo is rounder, smaller and looks a bit more retro.

Bose Frames - Sunglasses

The frames only exist in black, however, the lenses can be of various colors. In addition, your replacement can be done at home with great ease.

Keep in mind that Bose Frames are a bit sturdy and may not fit any face. However, Alto is available in two sizes (S / M or M / L). The Rondo, by their shape, are more feminine and only exist in S / M.

Bose Frames - Design

The lens

Bose supplies with its glasses some models of extra lenses, polarized or not, depending on the user's needs. According to the brand, they offer 99% UVA / UVB protection.

Bose Frames - Lenses

Due to the relatively high investment of the glasses, the lenses can easily be replaced. For removal, force should be exerted on the top center of the lens from the inside out. Then, to fit, you need to put them from the outside in.

The following video gives a simple explanation of how the whole process should be done.

The technology

Bose Frames have their technology placed on the rods. There are small speakers positioned even in the ear area, an action control knob and a sensor that detects when the glasses are seated on the table to stop any playback.

Bose Stem Frames

Of course they even include Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone, using the Bose Connect app, available for Android and iOS. The charging system is also positioned on the rod.

Bose connect

For glasses to communicate with your smartphone, play music, and even answer calls, you need to install the Bose Connect application on your smartphone.

Once paired between the Bose Frames and the smartphone, the app reveals some parameters of the glasses, namely the battery level and some settings that can be made to further customize their use.

Bose connect

Home page: Bose
Price: Free
Rating: 4.6 (Android) / 4.8 (iOS) Stars

Bose Frames - The Sunglasses That Give You Music Bose Frames - The Sunglasses That Give You Music

Bose Frames are not headphones!

If you're expecting a headset-like experience, forget it! The experience is completely different. These glasses have a small external speaker, so the surround will look something like a portable speaker, but without others hearing what you are hearing. Of course this depends on the playback volume.

External noises will not be camouflaged by any noise canceling system either. Still, people chatting around you will hardly bother you.


The sound quality reproduced is incredibly good. In fact, we are talking about a Bose product, so something higher was expected, yet it still exceeded expectations. It is possible to have very realistic stereo sound, the bass and treble are not exaggerated.

For those who have difficulty using headphones due to some sensitivity in their ears or ears, this product may also serve as an option.

Gone is the sun… then what about the music?

Without sun, we hardly walk with sunglasses on. So in these days when there is both a radiant sun, and then a dark cloud, the experience could be damaged. However, too many of us have a habit of putting our glasses on our heads… that is, you can still listen to music of the same quality, even when there is no sun.

In this case, the sound reduces the intensity a little, but simply adjust using the smartphone.

Glasses that control the music

bose glasses button

The button on the right rod allows you to control some actions. For example, to turn on the glasses, start / stop music playback and answer calls is by one click. With two clicks you advance to the song and with three clicks you return to the previous song.

To turn off the glasses the process is as simple as taking them off and placing them upside down on any surface.


To have glasses playing music you need to charge your battery. It's about 2 hours charging for a few hours of sound… it's actually about 3 to 4 hours of life.

Not much, of course, but it is similar to most earbuds available today.



Bose Frames are a distinct product that can already be found in several national stores for the price of 229,99 €. In addition to sunglasses, built with quality materials, they are still a very interesting piece of technology.

Ease of use and the very quality of sound reproduction are very positive features. Still, the design needed more attention, especially at the level of the stems that are a bit sturdy. Maybe in an upcoming version.

Pplware thanks Bose for supporting and making the equipment available for analysis.


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