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Concept Fire Truck: The 476 Horse Electric Fire Truck

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Concept Fire Truck: O carro de bombeiros elétrico com 476 cavalos

Electric fire trucks? No, it is not new and there is even a Portuguese. It's called Eco Camões and it is a fully electric truck, made in Portugal for firefighting.

The Concept Fire Truck (CFT), which is also an electric fire truck and will be used to put out fires across Europe, was recently unveiled.

Electrification is reaching several segments within the automotive area. The CFT is an all-electric truck that promises to be environmentally friendly and safe. According to the information, this truck will hit the market by the end of 2020 and will be ready for all scenarios.

Concept Fire Truck has 350 kW engine

The CFT has a 350 kW engine which equals 476 hp. It is 7,6 m long and 3,06 m high. The company responsible for this vehicle is Rosenbauer, which has worked with firefighters from Austria and Berlin.

Concept Fire Truck: The 476 Horse Electric Fire Truck

The CFT was unveiled in 2016, but only by the end of 2020 will it be ready for the ground. The company estimates that the worldwide CFT architecture market will be around 3,200 vehicles by 2030. 700 to 800 units will be in use in Europe by 2025. Although the Austrian company bets on firefighting cars, there are also plans for it architecture is used on other types of vehicles.

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