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COVID-19: Apple Watch users can monitor body

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COVID-19: Apple Watch users can monitor body

COVID-19 is currently a threat to humans. For now there is no solution, but people can prevent themselves by staying at home. Apple Watch users now have an interesting feature through the already popular Cardiogam app.

Find out how you can use this app to monitor body symptoms related to COVID-19.

The Cardiogam app was developed in collaboration with researchers at the University of California, more specifically with the Department of Heart Health Studies, a unit that helps eradicate heart disease.

This app has excellent integration with watchOS and HealthKit and the collected data can even be used in scientific studies. Now, those responsible for Cardiogram have released a new feature that aims to help monitor the body, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Apple Watch users can monitor body

With the Cardiogram app you can:

  • See how your heart reacts during intense work.
  • See how your average heart rate at rest, your heart health, comparison with data from runner and cyclist users… among other activities.
  • Share the maps produced by email, Twitter or Facebook
  • See your average heart rate per day
  • … Other health news

Cardiogram app can help assess symptoms of COVID-19

The resting heart rate, especially during sleep, can change when the body is dealing with COVID-19 disease. With the new functionality, users have the possibility to monitor symptoms of the disease.

The new cardiogram feature can help users identify body behaviors, which are symptoms of flu or other illnesses, such as COVID-19.

Johnson Hsieh, co-founder of the Cardiogram app

COVID-19: Apple Watch users can monitor body

When you are sick, the cells of the immune system release small proteins called histamines. These cause inflammation and expansion of blood vessels. This process sends signals to the brain to increase the heart rate and the amount of blood sent to the inflamed regions.

The increase in heart rate due to infections or fever is most noticeable during sleep. In this sense, the user can, with these variables, have a notion if his body is responding to some type of diseases such as COVID-19.

Those responsible for the app say that they do not intend to replace the tests used for the COVID-19. However, they may have a tool to assess any changes.

This app is also available for Wear OS, Fitbit, Garmin and Android Wear.

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