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Do you want to win 100 thousand dollars? Microsoft wants to break your Linux OS

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Do you want to win 100 thousand dollars? Microsoft wants to break your Linux OS

The security of operating systems is a recurring theme that is always being tested. All the companies that develop them want to keep problems away and that the detected flaws are corrected quickly.

To give a guarantee seal, Microsoft now has a new challenge. You want your Linux dedicated to IoT, Azure Sphere OS to be evaluated and even broken. The prize is certainly high and seeks to attract everyone who is dedicated to this area.

Microsoft bets heavily on security

Microsoft's relationship has evolved over the years and is undeniably closer. This system is increasingly present in the company's offerings and is already an important part of its Azure structure, being present in several areas.

To power your entire IoT part, especially the chips in your platform, Microsoft created the Azure Sphere OS. This is based on Linux and aims to be the safest proposal in the industry. To prove its worth, Microsoft now wants it to be tested and compromised.

A protection they want for Linux

This measure is part of the Azure Sphere Security Research Challenge, which runs for 3 months. Whoever wants to participate should sign up for evaluation and subsequent invitation. The challenge runs from June 1 to August 31.

Microsoft promise a prize of 100 thousand dollars to whoever manages to break his Linux in several areas. In particular, there will be the Pluton security subsystem and the Secure World sandbox. The focus is mainly on Azure Sphere OS and not the cloud component.

Microsoft Linux Azure failures secure

Discovering flaws brings security

This test program follows others that the company already has in place for other products and services. In addition to showing the security of Azure Sphere OS, it also ensures that existing flaws are discovered and then corrected.

Like Google and others, these programs are gaining ever higher values. Google announced that in 2019 it paid $ 6.5 billion in prizes and Microsoft appears to be following that path to prepare.


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