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eBussy: German company designs a new electric car

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Electric automobiles are, we realize it more and more, the future. For everything they imply, from inherent sustainability, to easy maintenance, in relation to combustion. Thus, with an eye on the future, a concept of electric vehicle different from the ones we are used to appears in Germany.

ElectricBrands designed a unique electric car model, which can be adapted in up to 10 different types of structures.

eBussy: a different but promising electric car

It is still a prototype, but it is a concept that the ElectricBrands wants to complete and commercialize during the next year. The so-called eBussy, can acquire several structural configurations and, thus, adapt to what best suits the driver.

eBussy: German company designs a new electric car

In addition to being able to change the number of seats available, it can be a motorhome, a convertible, a goods carrier, among others. In fact, it can also change the driving position to the right or left and has a solar charging method.

The electricity company responsible for this innovative concept ensures that eBussy is more than a car, for what has been mentioned and for its adaptable modular platform. Still uncertain, the estimated price is 18 thousand dollars, for the base model of 10 kWh per 200 km.

EBussy features

As for the vehicle’s powertrain, eBussy will feature an AWD system across the range and will start with a small battery of 10 kWh per 200 km. Then, this autonomy can be extended up to 600 km, with a unit greater than 30 kWh. Since eBussy will weigh around 450 to 600 kg, it can support payloads of up to 1,000 kg.

In addition, the solar panels integrated into the top of the electric car add a range of 200 km per day, along with any extra gains from regenerative stops. In addition, ElectricBrands adds that EV will reach a top speed slightly above 90 km / h, which seems appropriate to them, given that it is being designed to also perform commercial tasks.

However, there are only 4 seats available. Nevertheless, it is irrefutably an exclusive, original, promising and, by the plans, very accessible creation. It remains to wait for its conclusion to understand if, in fact, it meets all ElectricBrands’ expectations and ambitions.


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