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Employer statement: PSP indicates what information …

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Employer statement: PSP indicates what information ...

On the 18th of March, Portugal declared a State of Emergency, which was renewed on the 2nd of April. Among the various measures, emphasis is placed on the fact that travel outside the municipality of residence during the Easter period (April 9 to 13) is prohibited, with the exception of some professionals.

During this period, workers must circulate with a declaration from the employer certifying that they are in the performance of their professional activities. Find out what information should appear in the employer's declaration.

THE Decree No. 2-B / 2020 regulates the extension of the state of emergency decreed by the President of the Republic. The exceptional situation and the proliferation of registered cases of contagion of COVID-19 required the application of extraordinary and urgent measures to restrict rights and freedoms, in particular with regard to movement rights and economic freedoms, in particular coordination with European authorities, with a view to preventing the transmission of the virus.

This Decree focuses, in particular, on the matter of circulation on public roads, regulating the pursuit of tasks and functions essential to survival, travel for health reasons, the functioning of society in general, as well as the exercise of professional functions from the residence.

Employer statement: What information should you have?

According to a PSP publication on the social network Facebook, the following information must be part of the Employer's Declaration:

  • Citizen identification
  • Citizen card number
  • Citizen's place of residence (full address)
  • Place of professional practice (full address)
  • Employer identification
  • If you need to travel to more than one municipality to exercise your professional activity, indicate the municipalities.
  • Employer's signature

It is important to underline that only in exceptional cases can it travel on Portuguese roads. During this “vacation” period, stay at home and vigorously comply with the law. The Portuguese have shown cooperation in this difficult time and in this sense it is essential to maintain the trend of fewer infected cases day by day.

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