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Essential has come to an end and no longer guarantees updates for your smartphones

by ace

When Andy Rubin launched Essential, much was expected of the evolution of this brand founded by the creator of Android.

However, after a few years of activity and several failures, this company came to an end and left its few customers helpless for the future.

Founded in 2015, Essential was a company that promised to change the landscape of Android smartphones. Founded by the creator of the robot system, it surprised with its first smartphone, the Essential Phone.

Although this model has captured the attention of the market, it has never truly conquered its space, having only sold 90,000 units to this day.

GEM project was another failed project

After the little success that this model obtained, and after some complications within the company, Essential recently decided to try to surprise the market again, this time with the GEM project.

This was a bit of a caricature piece of equipment and it promised, once again, to break with the current smartphone concept.

With a narrow and elongated design, it stood out for not bringing Google services, but its alternative, MicroG, as well as map and calendar applications developed by the company itself.

However, despite the efforts, this new project failed to raise the necessary investment to move forward and proved to be another defeat for Andy Rubin's company.

Essential puts an end to your activity and Essential Phone updates

As a result of these failed projects, Essential has now announced its end, putting an end to ongoing projects and, unfortunately for the 90,000 users of its unique equipment, announced that it would also end support for future updates.

Thus, the February security update was announced as the last, with no further official development possible.

Thus comes a brand that has tried to position itself as promising in the Android world. This was a more than announced end, which has now been made official, without having really managed to reach a prominent position in the market.


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