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F1 2020 Review (Xbox One)

by ace

Despite this being a very different year, due to the Covid pandemic, the Formula 1 season has not been canceled and as such, neither has its virtual counterpart.

In this way, Codemasters launched the 2020 edition of its Formula 1 simulator, as it happens every year.

Pplware has already accelerated in F1 2020, for Xbox One.

Regardless of the Covid pandemic that has settled on the planet, Codemasters has not lost its tradition and launched the latest game in the F1 series.

As in all previous games in the series, it becomes increasingly difficult to find points to innovate in addition to the expected improvements.

However, Codemasters still manages to find those areas where the sun has not yet shone, and present news for their game.

MyTeam mode

This is the most focused aspect of this year’s edition. This, therefore, MyTeam is a completely new mode of the game that, not replacing the Career Mode, expands it and increases its immersion. And what is MyTeam?

MyTeam, like other MyTeam from other games, is a mode that puts the player in the reins of all aspects of a Formula 1 team.

It’s not just about making the player the team’s top driver (there is still Career mode for that). MyTeam is the complete package and the player has to create a whole new Formula 1 team from scratch, making him both director, manager and driver of his own team.

The main functional and bureaucratic aspects of the team have to be managed by the player. This involves naming our team, defining the colors and logos that will distinguish us, hiring a second driver, contracting with Sponsors,…

But the work does not stop there, because throughout the game, we will still have to manage the entire growing machine.

With the completion of the Grand Prix, we are earning something more than just points for the classification of drivers and teams.

As it has been normal, we are also gaining important research points. These points allow to put the development teams into action. These points will be allocated in one of the 4 research departments (engine, chassis, durability and aerodynamics), in order to develop innovations that make a difference on the track.

In addition to the research points, we are also earning money, which is regularly injected into the team by our sponsors. These values ​​may vary over the season, as they are related to the objectives determined by each sponsor, as well as they depend on our results achieved.

If we get good performances at the Grand Prix (us and our second driver), we will increase what Codemasters called Acclaim (let’s call it media coverage, or relevance). Thus, through this combination of factors, our sponsors inject larger or smaller amounts, capital into the team’s coffers.

F1 2020 Review (Xbox One)

And this money is always welcome, because in MyTeam mode in F1 2020 there is now another area of ​​interest that is quite expensive: infrastructure.

In effect, we now have the possibility to increase or improve the capacities of our support infrastructures, so that we are able to get the most out of each one. Each improvement is expensive, generally exceeding 5 million coins, but they end up paying off in the medium / long term. For example, one of the areas in which we can invest is in the Marketing of our Squadria, increasing our reputation. Or another example, will be to strengthen the training facilities so that our second driver can evolve more favorably.

F1 2020 Review (Xbox One)

Just like last year, with the passing of the season, interviews between training and races are emerging. In this 2020 edition, these interviews are a little more impactful.

The themes are suitable for the game, although some questions sometimes arise, in a strange way, like once I was in 10th place and I was asked what it felt like to be on the podium. Besides, and forgetting this lapse (journalists also drink, right ?!) the themes are wide and valid, ranging from the performance of the car on the track (the engine, the chassis, the aerodynamics, …), the course of our colleague of team, the performance of the opposing teams, the state of our rivalries or just about the race itself.

Our answers, depending on the type of question, may have a positive or negative impact on the related elements. For example, if we indicate that we had running collisions, because of the aerodynamics of the car, the Aerodynamics team will not be very satisfied, right?

This mechanics of the interviews is very fluid and frequent and, as I mentioned, has a greater impact on the evolution of the team. However, it has not undergone any improvements in its graphics and even presents a dated aspect that clashes with the exuberance of the rest of the game.

F1 2020 Review (Xbox One)

Another very important point of MyTeam is the introduction of an ‘as it should be’ Calendar. The game features a daily calendar that is important throughout the season. This, therefore, not only presents the scheduled Grand Prix, but also allows the player to schedule various promotional events for our team.

Depending on the financial and time availability, we can schedule events, which are quite diverse, and which can only involve strengthening team spirit, increasing the relationship with the main Sponsor, improving the working conditions of the research teams, or even scheduling sessions. training for our second pilot.

I believe that MyTeam can be considered to bring a new level of complexity to the game, and make it a more comprehensive and interesting experience for those who like all aspects of managing a modern squadron.

With varied tutorials and help at any time, it ends up not becoming too monotonous, because all the various aspects where we have to intervene (or supervise) connect with each other in a very satisfactory way, and are important for the team’s own evolution on the asphalt.

Asphalt is even hotter

And speaking of asphalt. F1 2020 does not present such a qualitative leap in this chapter. To be honest, and despite some notable improvements, the experience of driving a Formula 1 bolide is very similar.

However, there are improvements, particularly in the pace, with the sensation of speed being more dizzying in F1 2020 than in last year’s edition. On the other hand, the feedback that the controller (or steering wheel) returns to us appears to be more physical and more intense.

On the other hand, the physics of the cars have also been adjusted and the way the cars behave and react to the track, particularly when cornering or overtaking, is more in tune.

It is clear that this lack of a great qualitative leap has a reason, which is related to the high level of quality that the game has already reached in this chapter, and making difficult an evolution of great proportions.

Career mode still exists

For fans of Career mode, it should be noted that it has not been discontinued. MyTeam is gaining space, but the Career mode continues to exist for everyone who still wants more action on the asphalt than on the desk.

This mode consists of making a career in Formula 1 but without the business and secretarial problems that MyTeam presents. It is clearly a more action-oriented way on the asphalt (although it also has research).

Fortunately this year and, contrary to what happened in the previous edition, which we had to wait a little longer, there is the possibility of starting a career in Formula 2. It is quite exciting because, in addition to having to start from the bottom, driving it is completely distinct.

F1 2020, highly democratic

The game remains highly democratic and can be played by both novices and players with little experience, as well as more serious and professional players. This leads to the fact that the line between Arcade and Simulation remains a fine line and is determined by the player himself.

This, therefore, the game continues to present a set of adjustments and parameterizations of extremely complete support that both manages to prevent a player from getting lost even if he wants to, as well as manages to drive them crazy with all the help below.

Those who appreciate a more simulation-oriented mode, are familiar with the ERS system (Energy Recovery System) and the complexity of use in full running. This year, Codemasters found a simple but effective solution for the ERS: Overtake button.

The ERS is a system designed to recover, store and make available the energy to drive the car and, optionally, activate all auxiliaries, including all auxiliary and actuation systems necessary for its proper functioning. In F1 2020, if the player removes the option of automatic ERS, he only has to press the Overtake button to release all that energy, in a straight line, for example.

F1 2020 Review (Xbox One)

Game or live broadcast?

The game’s graphics continue, as in the last edition, even very good. The tracks, the details of the cars, the environment surrounding the track… The graphic detail means that there are times when an unnoticed person may think they are watching a live broadcast of Formula 1 (aside from the fact that the circuits are full of viewers).

The collisions are also improved and, I believe that the cars have been increased in number of polygons. This, because, after the less serious collisions, for example, one feels that the damage to the cars is more realistic and more specific.

F1 2020 Review (Xbox One)

However, and as I mentioned above, unfortunately the animations in the interviews seem to have left Playstation 2. But it is a detail.



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