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Facebook Messenger made it to the Mac App Store, but only for a few!

by ace

At the beginning of the year of grace in 2016, there was information that Facebook could be developing a version of its Messenger for macOS. Posteriorly, in April 2019 he again envisioned a possible launch. Now … finally arrived.

Calm down, the Facebook Messenger app has arrived on the Mac, but it may not yet be available in your macOS app store. However, it will be a matter of time, as region after region is being made available.

Facebook Messenger for macOS facilitates conversations on Mac

The interface is very similar to the graphics that Facebook already uses for its Messenger on other platforms. However, the app is more fluid. It offers users the ability to more easily track their conversations on different devices, and supports a number of useful Messenger features – including group video chat.

Of course, we all know that it was always possible to use Messenger on the Mac through the browser, but many users argue that a native application offers a bigger and better experience. In addition to the way to use, the app also allows you to receive better and more reliable notifications. It even prevents us from having to login so many times to load them.

Facebook Messenger made it to the Mac App Store, but only for a few!

Mac app took almost a year

Facebook launched its new Messenger application for macOS (and Windows) almost a year ago, during the F8 conference. At the time, he promised that he would release this version by the end of last year, but failed to meet the deadline.

So, for those who expected the app, Messenger finally arrived on the Mac. As we know it, this tool provides access to all your conversations with Facebook friends, in addition to features like voice calls and video conferencing. It also has a dark mode, although some users report that it is still not working properly.

At the heart of the development is Electron technology, not Catalyst, which means it is compatible with machines that have not yet been upgraded to Catalina. The Electron framework makes it easy to capture web applications that already exist and turn them into native apps that can be installed on your machine.

Before you rush to download Messenger on your Mac from the Mac App Store, there is something you should know. This download is currently only available in a small number of markets, and this does not include Portugal (not even the USA).

Thus, the initial test is only covering markets in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Poland

According to information revealed by Facebook, “a small test of the Messenger application for macOS in some markets is being conducted”. It is in the plans to expand the software later, but "there is no date when it will be available, as they are still collecting comments from users".

So it's good news, although you still can't get your hands dirty (unless you have an account on these Mac App Store). However, these new features soon reach other markets quickly. A matter of days.


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