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Fuel pumps in Germany now have charging points for …

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Fuel pumps in Germany now have charging points for ...

Electric cars have been changing the world and the way drivers relate to the environment. It is also an important element of transformation, which will change the way roads and the services that serve them exist.

It is increasingly normal to see charging points for electric cars appear, although there is still no requirement. Germany now wants to change this paradigm and fuel pumps will now have to have electric charging points.

German government wants to change a classic paradigm

This new measure may seem like an imposition that does not make much sense, and the market should generate this need and respond. In fact, this new rule is being imposed by the German government as a form of incentive.

O new plan drawn for this market it wants all fuel pumps to also have charging points for electric cars. Thus, in addition to the normal offer, electric cars can also be server directly as is normal.

Fuel pumps with electric charging

The intention is that the use of these electric cars is increased and that this way there are no limitations. The normal anxiety of autonomy ends, with the certainty that in a nearby area, at a fuel pump, there will certainly be a charging point.

The German government has support values ​​available for the purchase of electric cars. For now it offers an incentive of 6 thousand euros for cars up to 40 thousand euros and will impose higher taxes for vehicles with combustion engines.

Fuel pumps Germany electric cars

Foster sales of these new cars

In the end, these measures want to increase sales of electric cars in the country. The most recent figures revealed that in the last year only 1.8% of sales were electric. Gasoline and diesel cars accounted for 32% and 59.2%, respectively.

There are no data on this news yet, but it is expected to be soon. It is estimated that 70,000 charging stations and 7,000 fast charging stations are needed. For now, it is estimated that there are 28,000 charging points in Germany.


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