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Google has completely renewed Photos and is now even better

by ace
Google has completely renewed Photos and is now even better

Google Photos is one of the many services the search giant that has most successfully made with users. Not just being a repository of images and photos, it can give access to editing and even the creation of albums and shares.

Now that you’re here celebrating your fifth birthday, Google wanted to give Photos some news. It started with a new icon and goes all the way to a complete redesign of its interface, making it more useful and, at the same time, simpler to use.

Google Photos has a new face

Preparing another anniversary of Photos, Google decided to give you some news in the mobile apps of this service. These are profound changes that will make this service even better, making its interface simpler to use, while giving it some news.

In the first place, and probably the most visible change, is in the new logo that this service received. This is now rounder, keeping the initial image and that has always been associated with this service.

Google Photos photos news videos

What’s new in the interface we’ve gotten used to using

Of course, Google gave photos a lot more and some of the news had been talked about for some time. So one of them is the arrival of a map where we can see the places where the photographs were taken. This makes it easier to locate what we’re looking for.

Another improvement is in the number of tabs present. These now boil down to only 3 and where each concentrates the maximum of features. The presentation of photos and videos is improved, with larger thumbnails and so with better visibility.

Google Photos photos news videos

Easier photos and videos to manage

Folders, albums, and trash features are also now grouped together to make it easier to manage all photos and videos in Google Photos. Thus, and with these elements grouped together, this management is simplified as well as unified.

The news of Google Photos will begin to arrive next week, with the release of a new version of these apps. Those who want to test now on Android, can download the app from this link. With this change, this excellent service gains a new life, even simpler to use.


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