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Google Photos: Tips for keeping your photos and videos organized

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Google Photos: Tips for keeping your photos and videos organized

Now that you have time, it could be a great time to organize your life and your hundreds of photos and videos. Probably, if you have an Android, you will have everything synchronized in Google Photos. However, there are some adjustments you can make to improve the organization.

These are some tips.

Choose the size of your photo and video upload

For automatic upload of your photos there are two options: High quality and Original quality. Since the High quality option has free storage, this will be the most interesting option to choose, if you do not have any plans to increase storage.

However, it is important to note that photographs larger than 16 MP are automatically resized. On the other hand, videos above 1080p will also be resized.

To do this, you must follow the following steps in the application on the smartphone:

  • Access Settings
  • Select Backup and sync
  • Then Upload size
  • And finally, High Quality

Organize photos by faces

Google Photos does face recognition. So you can have all your photos organized based on a person’s face.

To have this feature working, you must:

  • Access Settings
  • Select Group similar faces
  • And finally, activate the Facial Grouping option

After that, to access the photos by face, you will have to:

  • Access Albums
  • The first album to appear is People

This process can be relatively time consuming since all the photos will be analyzed and all the faces will be recognized. After the process is complete, you can edit the person's name so that later, in the search, you can simply search for the name.

It is also important to mention that if you have the Facial Grouping active, the Album People has no one. You should deactivate, activate again and wait …

No space to store more photos and videos?

If you back up with original quality and run out of storage space, then your photos will be backed up. In order for this not to happen, you should:

  • Go to version Google Photos web
  • And open Settings
  • You will then see the option Retrieve storage that you must select
  • Finally, choose Compress

This compression, however, will thus transfer the original images to the High quality format.

Google Photos: Tips for keeping your photos and videos organized

Keep your photos shared through a partner account

Finally, on Google Photos you can share photos of specific people or select a date for which you want to share all photos. The photos will then be automatically shared and a backup copy will be created in your account.

  • In the Menu you must select the option Add partner account
  • Then select the email of the person you want to share

You can choose to share all photos, photos of specific people corresponding to selected groups of faces or, on the other hand, photos from a certain day. The sharing contact should also receive an email to confirm that he wants to be part of your photo library or not.

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