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Here's what disappears or is discontinued in the Windows 10 May update

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Here's what disappears or is discontinued in the Windows 10 May update

The May update of Windows 10 is released and users are now getting to know the news that have been created and developed over the past few months. These allow to make Windows even better and with more features.

Of course, as is normal at these times, Microsoft took the opportunity to clean this operating system. Thus, several features have been removed or discontinued, for several reasons. Know what disappears from Windows 10 with this update.

What is discontinued by Microsoft in this update

This is a normal process that Microsoft often repeats in Windows 10 updates. The software giant takes advantage of these moments mainly to clean up its system and remove apps and services that no longer make sense. The May update was no different and some were discontinued.

Details and mitigation
Companion Device Framework
The Companion Device Framework is no longer in active development.
Microsoft Edge
The original version of Microsoft Edge is no longer being developed.
Dynamic Disks
The Dynamic Disks feature is no longer being developed. This feature will be replaced by the Storage Space in a future version.

This time the list is shortened, but it has some well-known presences. We start with the Companion Device Framework, which allows the connection of external devices. Then, we have the most important of all. The classic version of Edge has been discontinued and now Windows 10 reflects that.

Windows 10 update Microsoft disappears discontinued

What disappears from Windows 10 with this new version

With regard to disappearance, we have Cortana in its known form. This was replaced by another app focused on other functions. We also have some apps focused on mobile devices that no longer make sense in the current scenario. Curious to see that Windows To Go is also eliminated.

Details and mitigation
Cortana was updated and improved in the May 2020 update of Windows 10. With these changes, some features previously available, such as Music, Connected Home and other than Microsoft, are no longer available.
Windows To Go
Windows To Go was announced as discontinued in Windows 10, version 1903, and is removed in this version.
Apps Mobile Plans and Messaging
These apps are still supported, but are now distributed differently. OEMs can include apps on Windows images for mobile-enabled devices. Apps are removed on devices without a mobile network.

These features that now disappear or are discontinued will give way to newer ones. Those that arrive with this update are already known and have been presented in detail to all users.


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