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How long has your router been on? Find out now …

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How long has your router been on? Find out now ...

Nowadays there are few houses that do not have internet through a router! To this end, operators install routers that allow cable and wireless access. The features of these devices are many and can be interesting in several scenarios.

Would you like to know how long your router has been on? Learn how to view such information.

For this article we will take as an example MEO's FiberGateway. This router remains one of the most powerful devices at this level provided by an operator. This MEO equipment guarantees speeds up to 10x higher compared to the previous model, since it supports the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard (bandwidth in the order of 1.73 Gbps).

What is the uptime of my router?

Knowing how long your router has been on is relatively simple. This information is interesting from the point of view of energy expenditure, but also because we understand if the equipment has ever been restarted. To know this information, just connect to the router's web interface (via IP: and then look for the UPTIME field

How long has your router been on?

Those who want to can also see this information via MEO's mobile app, MEO Smart WiFi. The app is available for tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android operating system. To use the Fibergateway application, you must connect to your Wi-Fi network and then authenticate using the equipment's administration credentials.

To see the equipment uptime just go to the Router menu and then see this information.

How long has your router been on? Find out now ...

How long has your router been on? Find out now ...

The process for routers from other operators should be identical. If you wish, put in the comments the steps to obtain this information. In operating systems it is also possible to obtain this information. For example, on macOS and Linux distributions just use the command uptime or tuptime. Easy isn't it? Try it out and tell us how long yours has been on.

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