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Huawei submitted a patent for an “under display” camera

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Huawei submitted a patent for an “under display” camera

Smartphone manufacturers have been trying to reinvent several of its components. They want to make them more useful and more adapted to what users want in their equipment, in all possible areas.

Two areas have been focused on, to receive news. We talk about photography and screens, where news and improvements periodically appear. Huawei also wants to take an important step and for that it submitted a patent for an “under display” camera.

Huawei's new feature in the field of photography

Smartphone screens have been receiving news periodically. With each new equipment there are improvements in its quality and in the useful area that can be used. A problem certainly arises here, due to the presence of the frontal chambers and the space they occupy.

Of course, all brands want to overcome this obstacle and Huawei seems to have the way to do it. The brand submitted in March last year a patent that shows and registers your idea to achieve it. Only now has it been made public.

It was registered as “Structure, Camera Module and Terminal Equipment for Hidden Front Camera” and reveals a concrete idea. This patent describes how Huawei wants to place its front camera under the smartphone screen.

Huawei patent camera screen light

Patent for “under display” camera

The patent summary states that there is a structure to hide a front camera, a camera module and a terminal device. The structure includes a light guide plate located between the front chamber and the cover glass. There is also the projection of the light guide.

It covers the projection of the notch in the direction perpendicular to the screen. In addition, it also includes one or more sources of colored lights, located on the side of the guide plate. They are used to emit specific color lights for the side of the light guide plate under the control of the processor.

The light guide plate is also used to change the direction of light propagation of the specified color to be perpendicular to the screen. Therefore, the light guide plate displays the specified color.

Huawei patent camera screen light

Light will be an element to achieve this change on the screen

Through the cooperation of the supplied light guide plate and the colored light source, the light emitted by the colored light source is refracted and emitted in the space blocked by the light guide plate. In this way, the gap is blocked and the display effect of the terminal device is improved.

Several brands already have their technology to be developed and even prepared to make the front camera invisible. It is not known how they intend to do this, but this year the first proposals are likely to emerge.

With this patent, Huawei mainly shows that it wants to mark its position in this market. His experience in the field of photography is vast and the partnership with Leica has given unique results.


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