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Huawei without Google services? Discover alternative apps

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Huawei without Google services? Discover alternative apps

The problems between Huawei and the United States brought numerous challenges to the brand, namely in the smartphone segment. One of the most relevant, given the lack of Google services on the brand's new mobile phones, was to create alternative services and support them in such a way that the user does not miss them.

If you have a Huawei without Google services or are considering buying one, know that there are alternatives and we are going to talk about them here.

AppGallery – the app store

AppGallery gets all the attention on Huawei's new smartphones. This app store, however, has been available for a long time on smartphones where Google's Play Store is also present.

Huawei's app store is growing and already has a lot of apps, namely national apps like MB WAY, OLX, SIC Notícias or SAPO… The most popular ones like TikTok, Microsoft Office, Bing or Telegram are also available.

Then common apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many others are not available, and you need to download the APK. Popular games are also non-existent in the Huawei app store and, again, APKs may be the solution.

Some of these apps are made available officially and others can be found on unofficial services. When searching within the store for these apps, the user will be redirected to sources where they can download them.

However, Huawei offers yet another app that helps in looking for apps: Petal Search.

Petal Search – an aid in finding apps

The Petal Search app takes us a little to Google search, however, it is more focused on app search. Still, it offers the user some news of the day, and allows to forward the search to searches on Bing.

Huawei without Google services? Discover alternative apps

For looking for apps, Petal Search proves to be quite useful, as it performs a more filtered search than the AppGallery.

Huawei Cloud – an option to Google Drive

In fact, Huawei Cloud refers us more to Apple's iCloud service than to Google Drive itself. However, we are facing a storage service in the cloud, where contacts, notes, photos from the Gallery are synchronized, as well as all the desired files and documents.

Huawei Cloud - an option to Google Drive

The basic service offers 5 GB, but for those who just bought a P40, they will have access to a free 50 GB year. Higher plans are also discounted. Other smartphones also have their offers targeted.

Microsoft Office – even better than Google Drive

Google has in its Google Drive offer the services of editing documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint. Huawei smartphones come with the set of Microsoft apps that make up Office, allowing a complete editing of any document.

Gallery – the app for all photos

The Huawei Gallery app is very complete and can be synchronized with the Gallery Cloud service. It can thus be seen as an alternative to Google Photos.

Huawei without Google services? Discover alternative apps

Like the Google service, the Huawei Gallery also creates albums, makes face recognition, creates stories from your photos, allows you to search by location, by food, landscapes … among many other options.

YouTube – browser only

It is true that YouTube is one of the most used apps on smartphones, in general. For those who have a Huawei without Google services, it is true that the only alternative is to use the browser.

Huawei without Google services? Discover alternative apps

There are features that are not present in this way, that would be in the app, but the truth is that video playback is guaranteed.

Waze – An alternative to Google Maps… but there are others

Google Maps does not work to its fullest even though it can be used via a browser. However, Waze can be used without any restrictions by installing the version through its APK.

There are two more complete apps on the AppGallery. This is the MAPS.ME app and Here WeGo. So don't be afraid that you won't get lost with your Huawei without Google services.

Translator – all languages ​​in the palm of your hand

The Google Translate app is one of the most complete and reliable translation apps on the market. But it is not unique. Microsoft Translator has been equipping Huawei smartphones for a long time with its translator solution.

Huawei without Google services? Discover alternative apps

This app allows you to do common translation of phrases and words, but also allows you to translate lines and translate by capturing an image. In addition, it comes with instant translation of conversations.

In view of all these alternatives, it is evident that the services are provided not only by apps by Huawei, but also by third parties. It is clear that for those who are very attached to Google services, there may be a longer adaptation period, however, all needs are guaranteed.


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