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If you have a dirty car … it will not pass Inspection! Know the new rules

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Automotive Inspection centers have reopened and it is important that you do your math to see if your vehicle should go to inspection these days. As we have already informed, the term was extended by five months from the date of registration and does not cover vehicles previously disapproved.

In November 2020 there are new rules for car inspection. Know what they are.

When you go to the car inspection, clean your vehicle

There are several points that are part of Deliberation No. 723/2020, which refers to the “Application of procedures for the observations and verifications contained in the periodic inspections to vehicles, with the classification of deficiencies”. Altogether there are 27 points, highlighting point 16 where it is said that…

Whenever the cleaning conditions impair the observations during the inspection, the vehicle must fail and the inspector must describe in the inspection sheet the failure to carry out the tests and checks corresponding to the inspection because there are no cleaning conditions.

If you have a dirty car ... it will not pass Inspection!  Know the new rules

But there are other important points such as…

  • Need to remove removable elements such as carpets, covers, covers, panels or others, designed to be easily removed without using tools.
  • Whenever the number of the chassis is found to be non-existent or not located, it contains signs of alteration or addiction, or does not correspond to the constant in the vehicle identification documents, compromising its identification, it must be disapproved.
  • The vehicle should not be subject to inspection, when the inspector considers that its condition or that of its cargo does not allow all tests and verifications to be carried out without jeopardizing its physical integrity or that of third parties or causing damage to equipment. inspection, on the premises or in the vehicle itself

All information can be found in the document published by the Institute of Mobility and Land Transport (IMT) at Republic Diary.

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