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iOS 14 brings function to protect your hearing when using headphones

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iOS 14 brings function to protect your hearing when using headphones

After exploring some more news available in iOS 14, we realized that the company dedicated a good part of the work to the user’s well-being and health. So, as we’ve been tracking, Apple has added tools for hearing protection. In this sense, iOS 14 now brings a new refuse that tells you if the music we hear is within the acceptable.

Listening to music at a very high intensity can impair your inner ear and hearing. Apple’s new mobile operating system can help protect this clinical picture.

As we know, listening to music on headphones at too high volume can impair your hearing. As a reminder of this, iOS 14 offers an optional icon in Control Center to show how loud the music is playing on a pair of AirPods or any other headphones connected at that time.

As shown in the indications, the functionality of the new operating system measures the sound pressure up to the exact decibel.

Young image with headphones listening to music

Save your hearing with iOS 14

Using the latest version of iOS beta for developers, we may have access to this tool. So we go to Settings, Control Center, and within that area, we activate the Active Listening icon.

Image of Apple's new iOS 14 function to protect your hearing when you wear headphones

The icon now in Control Center displays a small display indicating the volume of the song at that time. If we tap this icon, the information will appear larger.

The expanded version of the screen, as we can see in the images above, shows a scale. The green shows the safe interval, passing to yellow, above 80 dB, users enter a volume high enough to have containment in the time of use. Above that, it’s already entering the maximum level of security.

This scale is aligned with the Recommendation of the World Health Organization (see .pdf document) for sound levels.

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