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iOS 14 catches TikTok always reading the iPhone clipboard and leads to app changes

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iOS 14 catches TikTok always reading the iPhone clipboard and leads to app changes

In addition to all the visual changes that iOS 14 will bring, Apple has endowed this new version of its system with some additional features. These focus on user safety and protection.

One of these changes is how apps access the iPhone clipboard. With each access made, the user is notified, to control and be informed. Interestingly, the well-known TikTok app has now been caught constantly reading this area.

What’s new in iOS 14

Security and privacy concerns have been a constant for Apple. You want your systems and devices to protect users’ data as much as possible by preventing users from being accessed improperly.

In the continuation of these efforts, iOS 14 brought several important news. One of them now gives information to users whenever their clipboard is accessed by an app.

iOS 14 beta has a banner to confirm when you paste from another device (eg copy on a Mac and paste on iPhone)

Seems to be bugging out and showing with every keystroke in TikTok pic.twitter.com/aFKNfZnpyb

— Jeremy Burge (@jeremyburge) June 24, 2020

TikTok caught reading clipboard always

From what has been reported by many users, this app is constantly reading this element of iOS and thus receiving data about what the user has saved. The most funny thing is that with each letter that is written, TikTok collects clipboard information and saves it.

It is not known for sure the reason for this behavior, but after reporting the situation, TikTok found itself in the obligation to Justify. According to what has been presented, this clipboard reading serves to detect spam situations and avoid them.

Hey @tiktok_us, why do you paste from my clipboard every time I type a LETTER in your comment box? Shout out to iOS 14 for shining a light on this HUGE invasion of privacy. inb4 they say it was a “bug” pic.twitter.com/MHv10PmzZS

— Maxel 🐺 (@MaxelAmador) June 25, 2020

App for iPhone was soon changed

Another interesting result of this discovery came later. TikTok has launched a new version of your app for iOS where apparently this behavior has been fixed. Although you don’t know what you’re doing in your cases, the access alert is no longer displayed.

Of course TikTok is not the only app with this behavior and many others have been, however, discovered. Users are expected to be aware of what apps are accessing, even in what a hidden and invisible way


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