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iPhone 2020 will have component that will improve video quality

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iPhone de 2020 terá componente que vai melhorar a qualidade dos vídeos

The iPhone 11 has been on the market for a few months and has shown its quality. However, Apple is already working on its 2020 smartphones and rumors indicate the presence of a new component that will greatly improve the quality of your videos!

The current generation of the iPhone already stands out in this regard, but it seems that by 2020 this will be taken to a new level!

Every year Apple improves the performance and photographic performance of its smartphones. This is a guarantee whenever we are in the presence of a new generation of iPhone. In 2019, the differences were considerable… Especially in the Pro model!

However, by 2020, Tim Cook's company appears to want to continue on the same path, not just delivering better performance on the A14 chip. According to the latest rumors, differences in camera will be noticeable in the final results of the videos, but also in photos.

iPhone 2020 will have component that will improve video quality

Image stabilization is a crucial element in a camera. Without this component, the pictures taken would be much more blurred and the videos would not have the same quality and harmony. Virtually all smartphones today use electronic image stabilization (EIS) or optical image stabilization (OIS).

The alternative component that Apple will incorporate to improve the quality of iPhone 2020 videos…

Nevertheless, there is still the “adaptive sensor image stabilization system” – which is widely used in cameras of certain brands such as Sony, Olympus or Pentax. This solution, according to experts, provides even more quality stabilization than ISO.

In this sense, the DIGITIMES He said Apple would incorporate such a system into the next high-end iPhone.

Rumors: New cheaper iPhone in early 2020 and iPhone 12 Pro with more RAM

In addition to the quality of stabilization itself, the “adaptive sensor image stabilization system” is characterized by not being lens dependent for the stabilization process. That is, by incorporating it into the smartphone, Apple would grant this capability to all iPhone sensors!

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has OIS on two of its photo sensors – main and telephoto – but not in the ultra-wide angle. Using this solution, everyone gets quality image stabilization.

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