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It seems that finally Xiaomi Mi A3 is receiving Android 10 without problems

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It seems that finally Xiaomi Mi A3 is receiving Android 10 without problems

The arrival of Android 10 to the Xiaomi Mi A3 has not been a simple process. Several times the company that created this smartphone tried to put the new version of the Google system, but the problems followed these moments.

After many unsuccessful versions launched and tested, everything now seems to be going well, finally. The latest version of Android 10 for the Mi A3 is being distributed in Europe, which shows that the problems may be over.

Repeated issues with this update

Xiaomi tried several times to launch Android 10 for the Mi A3. This smartphone, using a version with almost no changes or customizations, should certainly be simple to update. In addition to being simple, it should have been much faster.

The truth is that this reality was not what users saw and several times these updates had to be withdrawn. The problems were many and came to question the proper functioning of this equipment.

Xiaomi finally has Android 10 coming

Now, and according to what Xiaomi itself announced, Android 10 is about to reach these devices. After localized testing, the company is already making a widespread rollout in several areas.

The most important thing about this version is that it is now finally being released in a widespread manner in Europe. It is still only in controlled and limited lots, but it will be extended soon to many more users of the Mi A3.

Xiaomi Android 10 Mi A3 update problems

Mi A3 receives this version in Europe

Xiaomi is betting heavily on this new version to be the one that will bring the new Android to the Mi A3. The brand is banning the launch of any downloads or the sharing of links with access to other versions.

Everything seems to be finally on track for the long-awaited update to arrive on this smartphone. The previous model, the Mi A2, should follow, which has also been affected by major problems in this update.


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