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It's time to upgrade Windows! New flaw puts Microsoft's system in …

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It's time to upgrade Windows! New flaw puts Microsoft's system in ...

There are many components of Windows that have been unchanged for many years. They are essential elements that we use anonymously and without knowing they are present. This leads them to go undetected and have serious problems.

This is precisely what is happening with the Windows Spooler, which has a serious flaw present. Microsoft has already corrected it and that is why it is important to update this system immediately, in many versions.

A serious new flaw in Windows

This now available information came at the end of the week, making the latest Windows flaw known to the world. This leaves the Microsoft operating system vulnerable, even more so in a component that we have become accustomed to using since NT 4.0.

Of what is revealed, with a simple command, it is possible to open a backdoor in this system, which is permanently present and cannot be removed. This is where the danger lies and that attackers can easily exploit.

Attackers can exploit CVE-2020-1048 with a single PowerShell command:

Add-PrinterPort -Name c: windowssystem32ualapi.dll

On an unpatched system, this will install a persistent backdoor, that won't go away * even after you patch *.

See https://t.co/9yMSWNM8VG for more details.

– Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) May 13, 2020

A very simple problem to explore

O CVE-2020-1048 it can be simple to explore given its simplicity. If used in conjunction with other vulnerabilities, it can open system doors.

It shows that this flaw existed for many years in this component which is essential for Windows and that everyone uses regularly in different versions of Microsoft's system. This can pose a problem for older versions.

Windows crashes Microsoft system problem

Microsoft has already launched the necessary solution

Of course, Microsoft has already tried to release the necessary updates to solve this problem. The latest release made has the solution to this Windows problem and must therefore be installed immediately.

Once again it is proven that Windows flaws arise from elements that have been present and working for years. This was present in the Print Spooler for many years and everyone believed to be immune and without problems.


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