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Leak: Is this the new iPhone 9 from Apple? [vídeo]

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Leak: Is this the new iPhone 9 from Apple? [vídeo]

Apple's new iPhone 9 was allegedly filmed and the images were shared with the world.

There is less and less of the 'surprise factor' when presenting and launching technological products, since the constant leaks or early disclosures, intentional or not, end up unraveling everything … before time.

We are already used to having images or videos, leaked on the Internet, of electronic equipment before they are officially presented. As a rule, these disclosures ahead of time, concern long-awaited products and reputable brands.

Video shows possible leak of iPhone 9

A video shared on twitter allegedly shows the new Apple iPhone.

The video was shared today on the @ accountWhatTheBit and displays a water-green iPhone, larger and thinner than the iPhone 4.

Alleged iPhone 9.$ AAPL pic.twitter.com/xJmsVjFBEB

– Stefan Constantine (@WhatTheBit) February 19, 2020

Although the equipment we see in the video refers to the design that is common to Apple smartphones, the whole aspect, however, incites several doubts.

This supposed iPhone 9 presents itself as having a single rear camera, which is not at all expected for the new device from the Cupertino company.

Leak: Is this the new iPhone 9 from Apple? [vídeo]

In addition, the equipment shows the same buttons similar to those already known in other old models. In turn, the back shows a glass coating, which we had already seen on the iPhone 8.

This iPhone also comes with Touch ID.

Leak: Is this the new iPhone 9 from Apple? [vídeo]

On the other hand, one of the differences compared to previous leaks, except for those who analyzed the images, is the absence of the headset port.

Several rumors point to March 31, 2020 and April 3 as the possible presentation dates for the iPhone 9 and iPhone SE 2. However, the consequences caused by the Coronavirus outbreak could lead to that date being postponed.

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