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Linux elementary OS 5.1.2: Forget Windows 7 forever

by ace

Which Linux distribution should I install on my PC? The answers can be many! In addition to Ubuntu, Mint and the like, do not forget the fabulous elementary OS distribution.

Recently those responsible for this distribution released version 5.1.2. This is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to the “already deceased” Windows 7. Let's get to know the news.

There are Linux distributions… and Linux distributions! Among the most popular, functional and elegant, we find the elementary OS. This distribution is based on Ubuntu and targeted at desktops. Highlight for the fantastic look and feel and the fantastic performance it offers.

Recently version 5.1.2 was released, which brings some tunings and also updates.

Key features of Linux elementary OS 5.1.2

  • hardware enablement (HWE) stack 18.04.3
  • Security improvements
  • Correction of permissions at the sudo level
  • Linux kernel 5.3
  • Better support for keyboards and trackpads

Linux elementary OS 5.1.2: Forget Windows 7 forever

If you are looking for an elegant, stable and well-supported distribution, try this new version of elementaryOS and give us your feedback.

Elementary OS comes with a careful selection of applications that meet all your day-to-day needs. Also noteworthy is the AppCenter that offers several Open Source applications for elementary OS.

elementary OS 5.1.2

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