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Linux Lite 4.8: Another free alternative to Windows 7

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Linux Lite 4.8: Another free alternative to Windows 7

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In the Linux distributions segment there are offers for all needs. In this segment we can find distributions for servers, desktops, mini PCs, IoT devices, etc.

The Linux Lite distribution has deserved our attention! Get the latest Linux Lite 4.8, a great alternative to Windows 7.

It's called Lite and as its name suggests it is a compact distribution in terms of software and also in the graphic environment.

The latest version of Linux Lite (version 4.8) is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and features the lightweight Xfce as its graphical environment. This release also includes new documentation and a new CPU monitoring widget. There is now also a new function to set the theme, so that the user can easily switch between a Light and a Dark theme.

Jerry Bezencon, one of those responsible for this distribution, suggests it as an alternative to Windows 7.

Linux Lite 4.8: Another free alternative to Windows 7

  • Browser: Firefox: 71.0 Quantum
  • Email: Thunderbird: 68.2.2
  • Productivity Platform: LibreOffice:
  • Media Player: VLC: 3.0.8
  • Image Editor: Gimp: 2.10.14
  • System Backup: Timeshift 19.08.1

However, despite having the word “Lite” in its name, this distribution occupies 1.5 GB. You can install it natively on a machine, use virtualization, or create a bootable USB PEN.

Over time and with the purchase of new PCs, we keep our older PC in the attic, garage or in a hidden place at home. That box already with a little rust, a still CRT monitor, a keyboard already dirty and even a mouse with ball. If you have one of these machines, dust it off and install Linux Lite 4.8.

Remember that the end of Windows 7 happens within 1 day. It will be on January 14, 2020 that this version will be completed, which leaves little time for migration.

Linux Lite 4.8

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