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MacOS tip: How can I see hidden files?

by ace

There are folders that have more than what they show us, at first glance! Sometimes they are even important files for recovering a lost job, or a clue about something that is happening on our computer. However, as these files are hidden, most people are unaware that they exist. Today we are going to show you a simple trick, a key combination, that you can use to quickly catch a glimpse of the files hidden on your macOS.

In operating systems, these shortcuts are an advantage for those who master them. In the past, we left Windows 10 essential shortcuts, we also left Linux and did the same for macOS.

Where are the files hidden in my macOS folders?

It is a small tip in understanding, but big if we take into account the time it can earn us. No matter what the operating system is, these shortcuts take us straight to the point, in what can become an increase in the workflow.

For everyone who uses macOS, this tip can be very interesting. Open any Finder folder and prove the usefulness of this pearl.

How many times do you look in a file for something that is hidden and that so much work gives you to discover? Well, the idea is to use this key combination: CMD + SHIFT +.

Keyboard image with shortcuts for hidden files on macOS

You quickly have access to hidden files. To hide them again … do the same combination again. Of course, it is not something you will use often, but knowing this trick can be important when looking for something well protected in the Apple operating system.

So, knowing now what is inside the folders, you can see if it works or if it is just garbage. However, even if you find some hidden folders, know in this article why you shouldn’t touch them. Now see how you can get more out of your macOS.

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