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macOS – Want to find out where this photo was taken?

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macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

You may not have that awareness, you may not master the technology, but the truth is that technology says a lot about you, your life and the life of your family. Today we bring an example of how it is relatively easy to know, through a photo, the exact location where this image was captured. This information can be important to help you find out where the photos were taken, for a more convenient file.

Let's take advantage of the powerful cameras that each of us carries in our pocket. Yes, we are talking about the smartphone.

This information about the capture location remains in the image until it is removed by you or by an application, manually. The technology, geotagging (geotagging), will allow you to know exactly where the photo was taken and that information is revealed to you in the Preview application on your macOS.

The Preview, in addition to the GPS location of the image, also allows access to other types of information, such as the time it was taken, the date, among other aspects related to the image. A very interesting feature is to use this metadata to place the images directly on Google Maps. Let's see how we can do this on the Mac.

Finding Location in a Photo with Geotagging

To start this process you just need to open the folder where you have the geolocation images. Subsequently, right-click on the photo and select the "Open with" option, followed by the Preview option. This action will launch the Preview app with the respective photo selected.

Use the macOS tool to see the data contained in the photo

Now, in the menu bar of the Preview application, choose the Tools menu and then the option Show Inspector.

Image of where you can use the inspector who will analyze the photo

An image-related information window will then open. Here is the secret of what we are talking about.

General information in photographs that may surprise you

We will then explore this General Information window. Take a little time to see what can be useful.

general photo info window

As we can see from the images, this window gives us detailed information. Thus, we have the name of the file, the type of the file, size, date of creation and change, in addition to other details related to the construction of the image itself. Although it is useful, what we really want to know is in the second tab of this window.

In the General tab, we have more information about the image, color model, depth, height in GPIs, etc. All relevant information for several other topics that we may need.

macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

In the Exif tab is information related to the behavior of the equipment that captured the image, so to speak.

From these forms, you will find the aperture value, brightness value, exposure value, whether the flash was on or not, the focal length, the lens mark, all relevant information in technical terms, especially for professionals in the field and for the curious who love to know this kind of detail.

macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

However, where we really want to focus attention is on the GPS tab. This is where the information that will position us in the place where this particular photo was taken tells us. Bearing in mind that we take a lot of pictures today, which sometimes we don't even know where it was taken, by relating the image to the site we can easily remember the moment.

You can see on the map and even go to the place where the photo was taken

So, as you can see below, this image brings with it information about the altitude at which it was taken, the latitude and longitude, whether it was standing or moving (this is a fantastic data, as it is another concept introduced with modern equipment ) and other geographic orientations.

macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

In addition, there is also the button that shows us on the map the exact location where it was taken. We can open the photo on the map and see in satellite mode, even, where we were making the images.

macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

Of course, this also raises some concerns in terms of privacy when people today share everything and more on social networks and the Internet. In spite of the fact that much of this information is cleared in some networks, there is still a lot of information roaming the network that easily carries sensitive data.

And if you want, you can also clear the photo data

So this is where it makes sense to use the Remove Location Information button on this tool. As a result, all data that was associated with the image will be cleaned up and nothing else will be “carried” in the image. It is a way to make sure that you share this image with someone and that you will not pass on more information than what you really think you are sharing.

On iOS you can do it as follows:

When sharing the image, once selected, it has Options at the top. Click on top and you will be taken to the next menu, as you can see in the image below. In this menu, you can remove and leave the Location and All photo data. These options should be in your focus whenever you share your images.

macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

macOS - Want to find out where this photo was taken?

We hope this tip is useful. You can use this information to see in the pile of photos that are disorganized how you can group them in time and location.


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