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Mercedes-Benz calls more than 660,000 cars to the workshop due to risk of oil leakage

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The well-known Mercedes-Benz brand is calling more than 660,000 of its cars that have a risk of oil leakage. The cars in question were manufactured between 2013 and 2017 and the company intends to replace the parts in order to solve this problem.

This is a situation that other brands have gone through, such as Toyota and BMW. The objective is to prevent other more serious problems from happening, compromising the safety of vehicles and, therefore, passengers.

Cars are one of the most useful tools for human beings, but when they give problems it is a real headache. However, it gets even more complicated when a car manufacturer faces a defect in thousands of its cars that have already been delivered.

In these situations, the brand must do what is called a recall, that is, call all cars with problems to the workshop to resolve and correct the defect in question. As you can imagine, it is a process that can involve thousands of cars and, therefore, it is not an easy task. But it is absolutely necessary to prevent and prevent greater harm that could endanger the safety of the car and people.

Mercedes-Benz recalls more than 660,000 cars at risk of leaking oil

Mercedes-Benz called exactly 668,954 vehicles from the Chinese market to the workshop due to oil leakage problems. This recall involved not only Mercedes-Benz Ltd. of China, but also Beijing Benz Automotive Co. and Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd ..

Mercedes-Benz China

According to the news agency Xinhua, a statement left on the State Administration of Market Regulation website indicates that the seal between a high pressure fuel pump and a low pressure fuel pipe may weaken over time. This causes the oil to leak when the engine starts in a cold environment.

The models included in this collection were manufactured between February 2013 and June 2017 and include models of classes C, E, V, GLK, CLS, SLC, GLC SUV and VS20 VITO. This collection is scheduled to start on December 18th.

Mercedes-Benz calls more than 660,000 cars to the workshop due to risk of oil leakage

Mercedes-Benz CLS

Most of the affected cars were produced in China by Beijing Benz Automotive Co. About 12,500 units were manufactured by Fujian Benz Automotive Co. and another 36,000 were imported.

According to the statement, authorized dealers will replace defective parts free of charge for owners. This will resolve an issue that could pose a risk to everyone’s safety.


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